What are you proud of this season?

Much in the same way that the Wins for the Week thread @Andrew_Schreiber runs most of the time, I want to see what your wins are for this season. Personal, team-wise, every medal and trophy, every banner and ranking. Every new event you attended, every procedure rework, and any accomplishment you feel you, your team, your community can be proud of.

I know not everyone wins Einstein, not everyone goes to Champs, but I hope that everyone has something to be proud of; it’s your time to be vocal about it! Celebrate one another!

Or to steal Schreiber’s words:

Ok, we know the deal. Wins, you got em I wanna hear about em, so spill. No win too big no win too small.


Three Regional Wins
Division Win
Highest W/L in Einstein
World Championship Finalists

Had a ton of fun this season, and more importantly, learned a lot.


We made a robot that worked reliably in champs. Our last robot seemed to break every match but pit crew was downright boring 90% of the time, which was awesome. Plus we were able to get 20 balls a match (with defense that could drop to 15 or less but no ones immune) and picked for the third seed alliance on Turing. Getting three balls of points away from division finals was insane, and next year I think we can do even better.

  • Robot finished ~3 weeks before competition

  • Alliance Captain of the 5th alliance at Monterey Bay Regional (Team has not made eliminations in regulation competition since 2015, has not been an alliance captain in regulation competition since 2007)

  • Quarterfinalist at Silicon Valley Regional

  • Winners of the Innovation in Control award at Monterey Bay Regional (Our first engineering award won in regulation competition)

Only gonna get better from here on out!


We won an award at every event we competed at, including a DCA. We also made it to semis twice, including DCMP.


Not only did our team qualify for worlds this year since 2018, our team was able to win the Chairman’s Award for the first time in our 12 year history. It has been a huge point of celebration for us. The team is super proud of our presenters and business students who helped made it possible.

  • Robot made it to Reveal Night with no clamps holding it together
  • Drove every match, scored in nearly all of them
  • Semifinalists at Monterey Bay (sorry Andrew), marking first time out of Quarters since 2014
  • Highest rank at SVR since approximately 2010
  • 5 different awards over the year (CalGames Innovation, Dean’s List Finalist and Winner, Woodie Flowers Finalist, Judge’s Award) making it our most decorated season to date.

These kids worked harder than ever and are motivated to hit the ground running for 2023. New season starts today.


I’m proud of my team. We didn’t make it to champs, and we didn’t make it to finals (although we came very close at Amarillo), but we came together and built by far the best and coolest bot in our team’s history. A list of things that we did, successfully, for the first time this season:

  • Grew - we had over 40 members, twice as many as we had ever had before, so this forced us to learn how to work together as much more of a team and form more dedicated subteams
  • Built two full robots
  • Swerve - from assembling the modules, wiring, and programming it
  • Turret (close to 360 degrees, although I think this was a mistake)
  • Adjustable hood (even had a top roller)
  • Limelight - we used it in the past to a limited extent, but with the adjustable hood and turret we did a lot more with it this year
  • Went public! In the past we’ve been pretty closed-build, but this year we did Open Alliance which was great. Both the public community and the other Open Alliance teams were fantastic to work with and talk to.
  • Had a schedule, and kept to it - despite all these drastic changes, we made a detailed and aggressive schedule that had us finishing the entire first robot, all the way to handing it over to programming, at the end of week 4. In fact, we beat it by a few days even.
  • Drove and scored (sometimes climb, sometimes shooting, but always at least one) in every single match - drove, scored, AND climbed in every single match at state

All of this lead to a great competition season. Semifinalist captain twice, and first pick of the 8th alliance at state, leading to us pulling off the first ever triple traversal in playoffs! Still my fondest memory in FRC history. We did not qualify for world championships, but we can take solstice in knowing that we would have with 2 championships, and the team had a blast spectating it anyways.

All in all, a fantastic season and a great way to close off my last year as a student in FIRST.

  • Ranked 5th at our first district competition and made it to semifinals as 3rd alliance captain
  • Won our second district competition, our team’s first event win in 10 years and second event win ever
  • Qualified for States for the first time in 7 years
  • Was the second pick of an amazing alliance at states, won our division and received a second blue banner for the season, and made it to finals in interdivisional playoffs
  • Qualified for Worlds for the first time in 7 years
  • Ranked 4th in our division at Worlds for a bit (lucky match schedule lol)
  • Got picked at Worlds (as a backup :upside_down_face:)

Overall a pretty amazing senior season, I’m really glad I got to see Einstein in person in Houston.


The team built a great robot that was a huge push forwards in terms of complexity and attention to detail, and overcame a lot of hurdles to get there.

Our kids wrote a great WFFA essay nominating someone who was exceptionally deserving and has had a huge impact on me as a mentor.

The team I started in high school seven years ago hit Einstein carpet as an alliance captain and I was there to see it.

I learned a lot and had fun, but more importantly so did the kids on our team.


Don’t forget the most prestigious award: Safety All-Star of the Day.


First event win
First worlds appearance (since rookie all star in 2016)
Entrepreneurship award at worlds.
First Einstein appearance

Being able to compete at such a high level for the first time in our teams history has been an amazing experience. Also huge thanks to teams 6328, 2471, and 3534 for playing with us.


2526’s performance at the Iowa regional was one of the best in our team’s history. We’re known for our stellar defense, but to be considered an “offensive powerhouse” seemed unheard of. I can truly say we met that goal, as well as picking the perfect alliance to send us to finals. (We got both of our first choices, can you believe it?) Our outstanding shooter lead redesigned her mechanism in the two weeks between our regionals and created an insanely dependable high shooter with almost zero backspin. We’ve never made a high shooter as a team—we didn’t even know if we could do it—and she blew it out of the water. So, so much team growth in one season. Despite not making champs, it was a picture-perfect competition in my eyes. (We joke about me being the only team member who wasn’t upset after awards—call it drive coach optimism.) I’m unbelievably proud of all of us.


As a captain on 316 these are the accomplishments I’m proud of:

-learned a lot at Springside Chestnut Hill, we actually got back out and were picked by the 8th alliance after having a completely failing drivetrain

  • ranked 6th at Bensalem got picked first by the 2nd alliance, won our first banner since 2015, also won Innovation in Controls Award

-started a trend at Bensalem, #bensalembesties

-captained the 4th alliance at Mid-Atlantic District Champs, made it to semis, qualified for worlds

  • ranked 31st out of 76 teams in Galileo, got picked by the second alliance of 1732, 118, 1816, and us, we were very consistent and proud of our performance on the field with them, even though we got knocked out early it was a great run

-won the Galileo Division Team Spirit Award, our first award at worlds

-all our students went to worlds for the first time and had a blast

Made some great memories and redefined what it meant to be a part of a robotics team.


First triple Blue Banner season in team history.

Highest Win/Loss percentage in team history.

Most accurate scouting data in team history.

All done with a Driver, Human Player, Coach, Pit Crew, and Scouting Lead all that had never done their current job at a real event before our week 1 regional. So proud of everyone this year for stepping in to their new roles and I hope they all know how good of a job they did.


So much to be proud of for these kids this year.

*Waited until we were ready to run swerve in season
*Built within our capabilities
*Had a working robot end of week 3 of build season to iterate upon and begin drive practice (and a working kitbot to practice playing under defense)
*Earliest spot picked and alliance captained at an event (picked 2nd at Rochester, 2nd captain at Macomb)
*Despite numerous early exits over the course of the season (SF, QF, QF) we did not let it get us down and kept working at it
*Built a robot that could solo the cargo RP if necessary
*Won the Chairman’s award at our second event, making it our third
*Qualified for the world championship off of district points (and not wait list) for the first time in team history (13 years)
*Picked at worlds for the first time
*Came in during the most important moment, with tons of pressure and played honestly some of the best defense I’ve ever seen after having not played for probably 6+ hours
*idk I guess we won worlds too


Undoubtedly the aspect I am most proud of is the student culture/excitement/comradery that developed and still exists both within the team and throughout FIRST.


We had a great year:
Everybody had fun and learned a lot.
We got some great new mentors.
Qualified for Champs via EI, Chairman’s & as Regional Winning Captain.
We were 1 fluke away from being an alliance captain at Worlds.
We won EI at Worlds
We had a Dean’s List Winner

On a personal note, my daughter got to fulfill her wish of being on drive team and she designed our intake — and I got this text from her this morning (she is over the moon):


We had a great season. So many good things this year, but I’m going to focus on the stuff I know best. Biggest thing was nailing our estimation of team resources, for the first time in my time on the team and one of very few times in the teams history. We built a robot within our means and reaped all the benefits. Basically an extension of that one main win but the robot was done early, week 3 early, which really let us focus on the important parts of the season like iteration and testing. We really utilized all of our new capabilities well, we got a new CNC router and we used it to great effect this season. Paired with a large influx of new members I think the team culture is in a great spot for more successful seasons in the future.

A few more tangible wins:
Functioning swerve drive with autonomous path following
Only one electrical failure in a match the whole season
District event Chairman’s win
Ranked 67 in our district (team record)
Qualified for worlds

And the big one:
Won worlds with an amazing alliance, we loved working with all of our partners and appreciate having that opportunity

Easy to overlook the small things in the shadow of that big win, but there are plenty of things for us to celebrate this season and none of them should be overlooked.

EDIT: Turns out Anthony posted the same thing but I’ll leave this post anyway. 3175 is happy.


We made districts for the first time in the history of our team, and went from a barely functioning autonomous period to coming very close to a fully functional and reliable five ball auto! We also won the Judges’ Award twice, once at districts. Even got invited to worlds, though that wasn’t a realistic possibility for us this year for a few reasons. 2713 is on the up and up, and I’m extremely proud and excited to be a part of it!