What are you teams going to IRI doing for the talent show?

We are looking for ideas!!!

What ever you do DO NOT do the toothbrush and spit routine people did last year…I almost got sick to my stomach! :o

I’m trying to convince Karthik to go up against me in a singing contest but…


Well as soon as I convince my team to go to IRI I’ll get around to planning an act…by the way, SteveW in a singing contest just might…might beat Dean Simmons and the Kamens :stuck_out_tongue:

Please no toothbrush act.

I hate to go off topic, but does anyone dare to PM me with what exactly the toothbrush act was?

I believe no Professional Bands are allowed to play in the talent show portion of the after match activities. We might squeeze in a DS&KB concert…MAYBE :wink: Check their website for an updated concert list.

Wait, do you think I’m talking about Steve? No no no no no… I’m talkin about the crazy Canadian. That Kanagasabapathy one…

all, im saying is we’ve had this idea planned since the middle of the talent show last year. Yeah, we’ve thought about it. Anyway, i can promise you this, there will be NO toothbrush involved in what he have planned. Im not saying we are doing something for sure, but we have one really cool idea.

I have got a few things, that I am working on.

Since Mike’s post was garbled, redundant, and didn’t really make sense…I’ll give a hint for the talent show…

Baby strollers and dolls