What are you Thankfull For?

Thanksgiving is coming up and i wanted to know what first People are thankfull for

I’m thankful for…

the existence of FIRST
the philanthropy of FIRST volunteers
plastic polymers
chief delphi
sanity (when I have it)
A’s, C’s, T’s, G’s, and U’s
family and friends
the fact that I’m here in Boston
financial aid
modern printing techniques
new RC’s programmed in C
the fact that BU already has a team

My dad using my computer, burning out the video card and then the 17" flat crt monitor 4 days later, and then having to get me a 19" flat crt and a much better graphics card (radeon 9600). :slight_smile:

im thankful for my friends who are more like sisters and my brother who is more like a friend:)

Im thankful for self governing transmissions(watch out for that this year)
and my 3rd Hour Drivers Ed class when i use the graph paper to draw up self governing transmissions

I am thankful for Delrin.

I am thankful for Mazda, for making my car.

I am thankful for Canada.

I am thankful for the Democratic party.

I am thankful there are people in the world who talk of peace, and live it.

-Andy A.

I’m thankful for:

My teammates…all of them…I love you guys (and two girls)
Being one of five Erin’s (Aaron’s) on the team this year
My parents, of course
things that are soft
things that are hard
things that are squishy
and things that are funny.

I’m thankful for:

Science, cause it rocks
Tv, cause it keeps me entertained and informed
Books, cause it’s fun to read
Computers, cause they’re really neat
The Internet, cause I can meet lots of people
Telephones, cause I talk to people
Cheap Long Distance, so I can talk for cheap
Free Nights and Weekends, so I can for free
Love, cause love is wonderful
Moe Sticks , cause they’re loud
Nice people, cause they’re nice
Idaho, cause well…it’s Idaho
Delaware, cause I live there
California, cause it has a Terminator for a president
New York, cause they showed to world to contunie on
Texas, cause Huston was really great
Georgia, cause that’s where nationals are for the next 3 yrs

I’m also thankful for:

and Teamwork
or in short…the things MOE can be.


The list can go on and on for me.

I’m just glad that I have my own apartment, I’m 300+ miles away from my parents, and I have Weekends off!!!

You put 1 and 1 togther!! :smiley:

I am thankful for:

Friends through thick and thin
Being able to hang out as ‘just one of the guys’
My car running, although it’s three different colors
Collegiate life, and freedoms
IndianaFIRST, and being a part of it
Luck, and being in the right places at the right times
Coast-to-coast FIRST friends that I can call, anytime
My health and sanity (mostly sanity)
Learning about engineering, slowly but surely
My kids, for being so great and making me proud
The abilities I’ve been given

and much more.

I am thankful that the heart attack my father had last week wasn’t too bad and he’s already out of the hospital, and that his doctor has ordered him to quit smoking! (I’ll be even more thankful if he actually does!)

I’m also thankful for my family, Picklehead, my friends, bratty teenagers, who all too often remind me of myself at that age… I’m thankful for cats, dill pickles, good books (heck, even bad books when there’s not a good one around…) music… and the list can go on and on, but I think I got the important ones…


Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others. Cicero (106 BC - 43 BC)

i’m thankful for:

my best friend Josh, who is more like my twin bro
my family who is always there for me
my friends who are always there for me
football games
blinkie lights
my guitar, the 2nd joy of my life
music lessons
robotics meetings
being together with friends and family on thanksgiving day
my new braces (but they hurt like heck) :slight_smile:
my glasses, so i can see my friends and family

and lotz more i can’t think of. :slight_smile:

My team, Words can’t Describe

Though Thanksgiving passed here in Canada …

im thankful for the following and sooo much more:

  • my family
  • my friends (who might as well be my family)
  • ATI Technologies (major sponsor so far… THANK YOU!!)
  • my computer and everything that comes with it (ie. CD…AIM…MSN…)
  • my life the way it is … despite the ups and downs
  • all the people who i have ever met or know because whether it is realized or not … i have been changed because of each and every one of them
  • all the rough times ive been through because i know they have made me a better person now and i appreciate the good times more
  • my two favourite cousins who i love so much and adore like there is no tomorrow

and soo much more

I’m thankful for…

school district/people
robotics team/students/mentors
hanging on to my health
good times now and in the future

I’m thankful for
Gum rubber
My family
My friends
Wrestling (school style)

Also thankful for:
gum rubber
Anything to do with FIRST
Lego League
and all of the amzing volunteers that make FIRST possible.

Im thankfull for NEWBS who learn more and more from FIRST like Henry…

Just wanted to pick the cotton out of his teeth

Bad Brad

i am thankfull to all my friends and family… and ofcourse FIRST…