What are you using for markers?

For many of the Infinite Recharge @ Home Challenges, you need markers to lay your field our properly.

MARKERS are physical objects with a minimal cross-section of 2.5 in (~63 mm) wide by 2.5 in (~63 mm) deep and at least 5 in (~127 mm) tall used to mark specific locations relevant to each challenge. The cross-section of a MARKER may not exceed 1 ft. 1 in. (~330 mm) wide by 1 ft. 1 in. (~330 mm) deep (there is no height limit). MARKERS are to be centered (approximately, and to the best of the team’s ability, i.e. there’s no specific tolerance on “centered”) on their respective NAV POINTS.

What are you using? I’ve heard a lot of different thing from just basic cones to extremely optimized solutions, so I’m wondering what most people are doing.

Empty 2-liter bottles are proving cheap and abundant for us. We may get fancier, but for now it’s enough.


We are using bowling pins. Since we meet im the bowling alley it made sense.


2.5" Pool noodles cut to 5-6" and velcroed to the carpet.

Milk crates/power cubes for the bounce path hit target markers.


Our team is currently using Red Solo Cups. Cheap and cause no damage when contacted or run over. These are great while we practice, but may be a little short. We were thinking of buying a length of 3” PVC pipe and chop sawing some markers.

My daughter cut down some 4x4’s to the minimum size. Our robot is, um, portly, we need all the space we can get between them.

Sport cones.

We have a lot of 3x3 aluminum for some reason (never use it) so we used that.

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