What are your team's build season traditions!?

I’ll start, the programming team self proclaimed themselves as the goldfish gang after bringing goldfish to kickoff. This kicked off goldfish stickers, a theme song, and a long letter petitioning for a sponsorship from the goldfish company! Let’s hear your team’s traditions!


Our team has a vaccum that we named Koushrek, after a team member. (his name isn’t accually Koushrek) I’m not sure how the tradition started but it helps motivate our team to keep tidy.


Mentor party the night before kickoff where the married mentors tell our spouses we love them since they won’t see us for four months.


That pretty much kicks of tax season and my wife does taxes for a living so if I wasn’t a mentor during build season I wouldn’t see her anyways.

Edit: she’s a mentor too, the rest of the year that is

You can tell her your team will keep you company in her absence.

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It stays busy at my house, we live out of district from the school and there has been a few kids that were recruited from my kids school to be on the robotics team, so all of them ride the bus home with my kids then we all pile in and head to robotics after I get home from work. Had to change cars with my wife last year during build so I could use the minivan there were so many of us.


That’s a nice problem to have.

on my old team, we didnt talk mechanisms until the tuesday after kickoff. we would do a thorough reading of the rules on sat-sun, then come in on tuesday and elevator pitch mechanisms, slim down the list, and test stuff out.

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6 week build season, bagging and shipping our robot. Still going strong :call_me_hand:
At least we dont tag it anymore. :joy:

Edit: Wait a minute. We almost lost our crate last year, we actually do Air Tag it now instead.


We do Robot Christmas between Christmas and New Years. Coaches wrap up any new tools and robot parts. We make a big circle and open them one at a time. Everyone gets to open 2-3 depending on how many people show up. A good way to show new stuff and teach new tools. After we clean up the shop and get ready for kick off. This is typically our last meeting before Kick Off.


I thought this was pretty neat. Maybe we can wrap some presents this year.

We do exchange presents during kickoff with a white elephant and breakfast. We also start a lot of meetings with a meal that parents manage during build.

  • Every horizontal surface that can hold an item without anything falling on the floor must have something else placed on it.

  • Read the rules thoroughly and then promptly forget each of them.

  • Bite of more than we can chew.


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