What are your team's requirements?

I was wondering…what requirements does your team have for students in order to stay on the team? (Such as academic performance, community service, etc.)

As far as I know, our team’s only requirement is the one for sports (can’t be failing more than one major class). I beleive most requirements are good except honor roll and stuff. Implementing this requirement, I feel, would stress even more the myth that you have to be a “geek” to be in robotics, and this is not very FIRST-like.

What, if anything, does your team require?


If the janitor wanted on, we would welcome him.

None, save that the student actually do work.

We don’t believe in things like a free lunch here :wink: (and there’s always lots of pizza to go around, you just gotta work for it).

We only have the school’s requirements. Those are that you can’t be failing more than 2 classes (if you are failing classes you have to join a help group to stay on as well)

of course, if you dont do any work, dont expect any good jobs. You dont do work, you do the same at competitions

Every returning member of our team must:

-Set up and execute a robot demonstration to a local elementry school
-Set up and execute a community service project (all day)
-Create a fundraiser and raise $200
-Mentor a local Lego League Team, or OCCRA team
-Work 13 Ford Field Concessions events.

We don’t mind. GM treats us well, and we are helping our community. The requirements are a good thing, it forces you to spread the message of FIRST. Its a very good idea to have requirements.

Our team is a class, that you get credit for. There are actually 2 classes, on during the day and one after school.

The during school class, well, its a normal class that you attend every day. You are only allowed so many absenses or tardys. You must also participate and put in some afterschool hours.

The after school class has a requirement of 180 hours. This is easily accomplished though.

You have to be 16 or a junior to get credit for either class.
And finally, if you get suspended at all during the school year, you are not allowed to travel to events with the team.

our team only asks for one thing, which is the most important of all and I believe all of the teams ask for this:


No team wants people to show up just for the free food. Robotics just ask for some time to sacrifice, is that too much to ask?

edit We also have to pay a $20 CDN fee for food ($40 before and now $60 for me for some odd reason)
Try to get as much sponsors and fundraise as much as possible to lower prices of travel. But we have two major sponsor to thank that covers a lot of our expenses!


Team requirements-

-be involved… atleast 30 hours of team work in by december (easy to do though)

-raise $600 dollars

-make all mandatory meetings

-cannot fail 1 class(still on the team just can’t travel until grades go up)

School Requirements-

-give an extra $50 bucks to the school

-cannot fail 2 or more classes

IT’s sooooooooooooooooooooo much work fundraising… That money is a killer to reach… but we do it… AND IT’S WORTH IT!!!

This year, team 25 has implemented a new set of requirements.

1.) Students must raise meet a minimum fundraising requirement in order to travel.

2.) Students must complete at least 10 hours of community service prior to build season.

3.) Students must complete a required shop safety course in order to do any work around the robot.

4.) Students must complete academic requirements and other requirements as per school rules in order to stay on the team.

  1. Students must know what pneumatics are?

Sorry, had to.

Anyway, my team is pretty much walk-on as long as you act reasonably sensible and do the work. We try to bring as many people as possible to comps and we prioritize mostly on work and neccessity to team.

In order to “participate” with the team, our only requirement is that the students and their parents sign a contract that says you understand and agree to the requirements outlined for travelling with the team.

In order to travel to competitions / events with the team, we require:

  1. A “C” average, and no grade less than a “C” in any class for the most recent grading period.
  2. Participation in at least 50% of all meetings and fund-raisers.
  3. Active participation in 1 or more sub-teams
  4. Passing three written tests
    a) History of SPAM & FIRST, general robotics, and shop safety (given at the end of fall)
    b) Rules of the current year’s game (given about 4 weeks into build season)
    c) Design and Construction of the current year’s robot (given the week after we ship)

In the fall we split into Rookie classes and Veteran meetings; anyone who didn’t pass the tests from the previous year is considered a Rookie. Also, only veterans can mentor First Lego League teams.

Show up more then 2/3rds of the time (I think 2/3rds is right) and keep busy. Thats it to remain on the team. To travel, you must have a C average in every class, show up 2/3rds of the time and keep busy.

We are right in the middle of changing our team’s requirements. We are pretty excited about implementing a new program which rewards the top performers while still letting minimally-active members attend FIRST competitions with the team. As DJ said, our team’s grade requirements are strict (like Spam’s)… all students must have a C- or better in each class in order to travel and participate with the team.

Andy B.

My team never had any hard-and-fast requirements for participating on the team. We had some travel requirements, but they were rather inconsistent. Anyone could go to regionals, but travel to Nationals was dependent on your contributions during the season, and you had to go to one regional in order to go to Nationals. We never had any problems with grades, so we never made any requirements in that regard. Also, the only written test we required was for drive team members, and it was on the game rules.

  1. To be on Team 116, students must attend and PARTICIPATE in at least 60% of the meetings and work sessions.

  2. To go on the trips to the competition events, they have to attend and PARTICIPATE in at least 80% of the meetings and work sessions.

  3. They must have a C+ grade average during the prior grading period, and maintain it during the team season. If their grades drop below that level during the season, they can stay on the team under “probation” until interim reports cards, by which time they must pull their grades back up.

  4. All team members must go through shop safety training, even if they are not on the Build Team.


p.s. I always wanted to add one more criteria, but couldn’t get enough backing from the rest of the team (yet! I am still working on this one!):

  1. All team members must be able to consume one dozen (12) Krispy Kreme original glazed donuts at a single sitting. Those wimps that can’t are tossed from the team. Extra bonus points if you follow it with a pint of milk or 20 oz. Diet Coke. :smiley:

We have had issues with students in the past so we have had to make some basic rules for the team.

  • A minimum GPA of 80 (B)
  • NO disciplinary referrals from the school at all from September through April
    -Participation hours
    20+ before season
    100 during season
  • Entrance application with references from teacher
  • Fundraising for expenses + additional items (t-shirts, hats, etc.)
  • Parental support &/or Booster club involvement

All of these rules are a result of something from the past. Students failing & not being eligible to go on trips, students getting in trouble & not getting to go on trips, students not putting in the necessary time & getting to go on trips. You get the idea. It has helped us get the initial number of students interested down to a reasonable number, almost 40 this year. I sure hope we can have a team.

All of this stuff is outlined in our team handbook that all students must have.

As anyone on 384 knows/knew, anyone can be a part, that’s what I love about us, but if you don’t do jack-squat (more than just show up to all meetings) you don’t go to any other regionals or Nationals. Everyone is welcome to come to VCU. I’ve always believed in the FIRST where we improve people’s lives and make them more fun, not the elite FIRST idea.

wow. am interesting thread

I wonder what Dean Kamen would think of all these restrictions and requirements imposed on the students?

since the purpose of FIRST is to INSPIRE students to do well in school and pursue professional careers

wouldnt you think the students who really NEED to be inspired would be the ones most welcomed

instead of ending up being the ones who are rejected or ejected

because they are not already inspired to excel in school?


*Originally posted by KenWittlief *
**Wouldnt you think the students who really NEED to be inspired would be the ones most welcomed

instead of ending up being the ones who are rejected or ejected

because they are not already inspired to excel in school?

?! **

Now, look at it from another perspective:

What if little Johnny joins the robotics team, and he has a C- average, not great, but he’s getting by. All of a sudden, little Johnny gets really into these cool robots! He’s inspired to be an engineer, and spends all his time working with the team. Poor Johnny neglects his studies, and ends up with a D+ in Mathematics…

Should Johnny’s FIRST team allow him to travel to competition?

Many teams try to send a clear message to students saying “School is more important than FIRST, get your grades up, or you can’t travel to competition. Your grades shouldn’t drop because of robotics.”

From this point of view, restrictions can be good.
Every team has their own balance. It is very interesting to see here what other teams do.

229 yields to the requirements of our HSs. A Student must be in “good academic standing” to attend competition with our team.


I wonder what Dean Kamen would think of all these restrictions and requirements imposed on the students?

When I posted our team’s list I neglected to tell you that they are not team restrictions or requirements, but expectations. We set the bar high & help the students achieve them. I have seen students who would normally be happy to get average or below grades get average or above grades. Doesn’t seem like much but it is inspiring them to show more interest in their grades. As for the expectation of discipline… I believe that is the foundation of gracious professionalism. I have not had to use the rule since it was implemented. It helps our students stay on the straight & narrow. I would guess other teams, like ours, use expectations to help give students a clearer picture of FIRST.