What are your thoughts on teams in Turkey?

Hello everyone.
I’m really curious about the opinions of teams that are not a Turkish team. Can you tell us about your opinions about the teams that interest you and that you like among the Turkish teams?


There’s a lot to be told still with teams from Türkiye . I don’t think many realize that Türkiye has the 3rd largest population of FRC teams behind the US and Canada but it’s been only over the last few years we’ve seen this immense growth. Due to this I don’t believe many in the FRC community know more than a small handful of teams from Türkiye yet. Hopefully that will change in the future.


I think the issue you’re going to run into with a question like this is that since most FIRST teams are based in North America, very few have any interaction with teams from Turkey, so it’s difficult to get any sort of impression from most people here on CD.

Turkey is not alone in this, granted, even in areas like Israel, Brazil, China, etc. most North American teams are only going to be familiar with your powerhouse teams like 1690 Orbit or 4481 Rembrandts that are consistently dominant at a high level. To some extent, this is even true within North America too, especially with the move to districts segmenting off so many different regions. You get the best impressions of teams you actually meet and play with, so the less you see a team, the harder it is for them to make an impression unless they’re consistently performing at a high level for several years, and start to turn heads outside their immediate region. At worlds this year I remember looking at the divisions, seeing there were 3 teams from Turkey on my teams division, and thinking “neat”, but we only played with one of them, and against the other two once each, so it’s hard to draw further conclusions from that little interaction.

I think broadly, like Tyler points out, those of us in North America who are paying attention have been seeing the huge growth in FRC in Turkey in recent years, and I’d personally describe it as an “up and coming region people should keep their eyes on”, but it’s hard to get more specific than that.

Over time as Turkey continues to grow and hopefully sees a few teams “break out” into the spotlight, you’ll see more attention shift to the teams there, but short of that the most input you’re going to get is from teams that are more local and the select few individuals elsewhere who are REALLY paying attention.


They’re groups of humans seeking to learn new things. Just like me.

The people who let politics or preconceived notions of cultures overshadow that fact are stupid.


You are quite right. Especially in the last 2 years, there has been a great development in Turkey. The systems that have been put forward and the ever-increasing teams are the biggest indicators of this. this year especially the 7285 built an incredible system. I believe they would be in a much better rank in the world without their productivity problems. The 7444 team, of which I am the captain, made a really efficient and incredibly stable robot. Even though most of our parts didn’t arrive, I think we did a very good job. In addition, the 6838 team built an incredibly efficient and fast system. They had a really good robot. Pay close attention to these 3 teams next year. I’m sure they will be much stronger in the champion this time.


I just remembered this: We have 7285’s Behind the Bumpers set to release on Thursday around noon eastern / 20:00 TRT and their B-Roll bonus set to release the following day. Keep an eye out!


The only team I have ever personally interacted with from Türkiye was 6838 X-Sharc. I’m not 100% sure the question but they were super fun to hang out with since we unfortunately weren’t in the same division. Overall the growth of teams from Türkiye is exactly what FRC is all about.


I enjoyed seeing GoldenHorn (the first one, 5665) at Central Illinois 2015. I would be happy to see more Turkish teams at events in the US, and I hope the program keeps growing there!


I’ve been waiting for the 7285 behind the bumpers video for a long time, this is great news. To be honest, I expect you to examine the chassis of the 7444 team. There is a lot of risk and effort behind it. Also the mk4i modules are literally the way they shouldn’t be :slight_smile:


2 regionals were canceled due to the earthquake, but 3 regionals were held in istanbul. You can be sure that the most professional frc organization I attended in the world was held in Turkey (except championship)


A team from Türkiye brought us yummy “Turkish Delights” in the pits at Daly. Not just like you. :wink:


There was a B-Roll? :exploding_head: Thanks a lot!


I remember Turkey having a very competitive Chairmans team in the region, I forget the exact name but made a very well produced/impressive video having when I was a student. I believe it was something like Integral Robotics?


I think you are talking about 3646. I am one of their alumni. They are not currently active on FRC, but they keep doing other STEM related things as far as I know.

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I’ve only ever had online interactions with a select few. I think having more teams that cross the Atlantic digitally and physically to talk with others the better. It helps give you new perspectives and let’s you understand how many international teams (yes it’s a minority of the league, but it won’t be forever) work. US teams have no clue what’s involved and different between just being outside of the US. Even getting certain FRC only parts is not an easy process.

Much of the FRC training materials, guides, videos are all only in English. Any international team will already have a major disadvantage so if we have more dual-language speakers in the league we can start to see translation happen. Because of the number of Turkiye teams they have enough people power to start the process for their teams. I have gotten a few people asking to do translations for projects I’ve worked on.

Turkiye keep growing and being awesome!


oooh that is very hard to beat.

alexa !remindme 11 months bring a green bean casserole to Neutrino’s pit


I had the pleasure to meet a Turkish team at the San Diego Regional this year (5993 ISTECH Robotics Society). Throughout the regional they were very kind to me and the rest of my team, and I made friends and had very insightful conversations with a lot of the team members about their lives in Türkiye and my life in San Diego. The team culture of 5993 radiated throughout the regional with their team cheers, passion, kindness, and professionalism. Their impact on their community was very impressive (winning the FIRST Impact Award), and their passion and commitment to growing FIRST and STEM education in Türkiye was just phenomenal.

I had the pleasure of meeting them again at the FIRST Championship, we were in separate divisions but they were so kind and gracious to our team (even invited us out to dinner but we couldn’t make it unfortunately). After the championship, I still keep in contact with some of the friends I made from 5993. Overall we loved to see 5993s dedication, passion, and kindness not only at competitions but to the impact they make in their community, which is something our team wants to emulate in the upcoming year. I really hope that they come back to San Diego next year so we can make up that dinner plan. :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations. It is really nice that a team from Turkey is included in such content.


And we’re coming for your spot Canada - in the next couple years :slight_smile:


Before Turkey really exploded in FRC population Florida was (and somewhat still is) a hot spot for Turkish teams to come and compete.

2905 - Great group, I am really glad to see them back in Impact Award contention as every interaction I have ever had with them has been nothing but positive. I also have had a few insightful conversations with mentors of 2905 (especially before the Turkish regionals were a thing) about the specific issues facing Turkish teams when compared to European or Australian teams and it really helped me to realize how different international markets need help in very different ways.

6232 - Haven’t got to see them in a few years but they were one of the teams who used to travel to Florida and seemed to “get it” very quickly. They were knowledgeable during strategy discussions, when they asked for help the students were around to learn not just having stuff done for them, and seemed excited to be part of FIRST.

7285 - I was very excited to see them in my division this year as watching them compete was beautiful to watch. Several of there members came over to look at our robot and when I told them how much I liked their robot they seemed very excited when I was actually able to chat about what actually happened at their events (rough finish to their first regional). 7285 looks to be the team to inherit the competitive team banner left behind by 3646 in Turkey which leads me to:

3646 - Gone but not forgotten. We have a division finalist and division win with them in 2018 and 2019 respectfully. Some of the absolute nicest, humblest, and just great to be around people in my history with FIRST. Whatever was asked of them they were able to do it. Change your auto? Done. Weird Strategy? Done. Scout All The Other Einstein Teams? Done before we asked. I saw earlier in this thread they are now doing other STEM things and one of their Alumni is on 7285 I hope more of their members have gone on to be a part of other Turkish FRC teams because seriously A+ group of people.