What awards can you receive Blue Banners for at District Level Event?

Like is it just event finalist, champions, and chairmans winner? I feel like their must be more but I can’t think of any.

I believe you can only get banners for winning the event and winning Chairman’s at the district level. At regionals, you can also get a banner for having a WFFA winner.

Blue Banners to Winners and Chairmans in FiM

Wait so not even finalists?

Nope, only chairman’s and winners get blue banners at the district level

My teams never gotten one so I never really payed attention to what you get them for…

Okay thank you guys!

At the district level there are only official banners issued for winning the event or receiving the District Chairman’s Award. At the regional and District Championship level, the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award is added to that mix. At the Championship, Chairman’s Finalist is also added.

Most FRC event awards can have a banner custom ordered though from the same shop FIRST uses.

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