What Blogging Service for a FIRST Blog?

Well, I’m considering starting a blog about my experiences over the course of the next year. What does everyone think? I’m sure I’m not the first, but might it be interesting to see a college students view on a first team? In any case, if the interest is there, i want to do this on a more public blog site. I currently have my personal blog on my own server, but if i put this blog on a public site, it might be allow more people to access it and link to it! So which one? Or if you pick other, suggest one!

I use Rotten Tomatoes.

Livejournal has a community for FIRSTers, so it’s a good way to find your buddies, or find new ones from other teams. Besides, I use mine for anything, I even have another one from my freshman and sophomore year! Looking back is funny because I see all my old experiences. Classic.

LJ is the way to go.

P.S. MySpace is just a place to network and find people. Not really big on blogging.

Thats what i get for relying on my friends to suggest other blog services. I never heard of myspace either, but i needed something besides just LJ and Xanga, Whats the name of that first LJ community? ill take a look at it

I’ve always liked blogs on Blogger.com. They generally seem to stray from the angsty teen journals on LJ and Xanga.

Gotta agree with Dori about the Myspace thing… However, I have both an LJ (not so much) and a Xanga; I got the LJ more as an experiment to see how it worked. Personally, I like the Xanga set-up better, and although yes, there is a FIRST community on LJ, on Xanga there are groups (blogrings) that also are memberfied (sorry for the made-up word…) with FIRSTers. There are broad ones such as “HS Robotics” and “FIRST Robotics,” and there are also more regionalized groups, such as one for Pennsylvania-based teams and one for Sacramento teams. I’ve also heard good things about blogger.com. I guess it’s more of a what-format-do-you-like, or what-exactly-you-want-to-do, type thing. Since the basic accounts are free, you can always experiment with each to see which you like more, so I’d probably go with that rather than going by all of our opinions.

I wholeheartedly agree! Go for blogger!