What Blue Man Group wants to do when they grow up...

I really hate being marketed to, and really dislike most commercials. But every now and then one comes along that is so different that I can forget the crass commercialism and just enjoy watching a creative idea executed in an extraordinarily well-done fashion. A friend recently pointed me to a Sony advertisement shown by Richard Saul Wurman at the Council on Competitiveness event hosted in Washington D.C. in late 2006. The creativity, technical execution and sheer chutzpa involved with this piece made my jaw hit the floor. I have never seen the piece anywhere in the U.S. Given the look of the architecture and the spelling of “colour” at the end, I suspect that it may only have been shown in Europe. edit/(and particularly since the behind-the-scenes piece indicates that it was filmed in Scotland, and the www.sony.co.uk url is included)/edit

Hmmm… For a mini-version of this, maybe we can combine the Mentos/Diet Coke experiment with all the left-over paint from decorating our robot… :slight_smile:


Oh so many game hints could be pulled from this.

There’s a clown running across the scene about halfway through. That whole “inflatable clown” thing never really came through in '07, did it?

Oh dear…

I’m ignoring any hints and declaring that commercial Awesome. It really does one-up the balls commercial they did a while back (which is linked from the site).

Make sure you watch the behind the scenes bit, ideally in the high-res version.

There is actually a follow up parody of this from i-am-bored that was just posted today. Too bad the buildings aren’t the same colours :wink: as they were in the commercial.

In addition, I’d like to point you guys to the previous Bravia commercial, Bravia balls, and one coming up that was just filmed in NYC, with large quantities of playdoh bunnies.


What, you guys have never heard of extreme house painting?

Awesome commercial, one of the best I’ve seen in a long time (cursed Disney Channel and younger sister:rolleyes: )

Where do you find this stuff? Either you have a lot of time on your hands (doubtful) or several evil friends who know your tastes…

What else is there to do at 2:15 in the morning? :slight_smile:


On a related note:


This ad has bouncy balls going down the streets of San Fransisco…

And one of our mentors was on the film team (or there with the film team) when they did it. He described the sound as being that of “Hail falling on a tin roof”.

I have 2 things to say about the bouncy ball ad.
1-who cleans up that mess?
2-Now if we could actually watch that ad on the tv they were advertising.

These ads were for Sony Europe.

Here is something interesting to watch!

And this.