What bored coaches do

We are, of course, not allowed to meet as a team. I go up to the STEM Center sometimes though just to get out of the house and I may have gotten a bit too creative.

8044 Social Distancing



You were really bored. I like it :smile:


This was 2.5 weeks ago, so I had two students make the video with my help, but now only me and one other mentor are at the shop though there are few clear reasons to be there. However, printing PPE has given me a slight purpose, so I justify hanging about, doing some sorting/organizing, and an odd task here or there with me minding the printer.

Me: hmm this could be interesting
(I never got a chance to visit but my old next door neighbors moved there for a few years and one of my friends had her freshman year of high school there)
Amazing what you get excited about when you’ve been social distancing for 2+ weeks…

I let me school admins know that I HAVE to go in every week to run the HAAS CNC’s to keep em from rusting… Was looking forward to competing with y’all at Bayou. Hopefully this shall pass as quickly and painlessly as possible and Red Stick Rumble will be on.
P. Ry

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@pryland How concerned are you about rust in the Haas machines? I haven’t touched ours in over 2 weeks now and I have no idea how they are doing, but I’m not too worried, since I don’t typically have any rust issues. What coolant are you running?

We use Blaser B-Cool 755 Coolant. I did spray down column and table with some rust inhibitor around March 20. Not too concern, in the spring time. REally, just using as excuse to go play :wink:

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