What cameras are legal?

This year we want to run two separate IP cameras, are the cameras limited to these cameras (Axis M1013/M1011/206 Ethernet Camera)? Or are there others that we can use? Since those cameras are so expensive and complicated to mount are ELP IP camera’s or other brands allowed?

Can you find a rule that specifies what cameras are legal? Right, there isn’t one.

So, here are some other rules to consider:
R11 (<$400 each)
R49 (defines Custom Circuit, which cameras count as, and a voltage limit)
R60 (custom circuit rules)

Cameras must comply with general robot rules and sensor rules. Other than that, the rules aren’t really concerned with limiting your camera choices.

IP, USB, serial, SPI, all are fair game.

The Axis cameras are not cheap, but they do tend to have low latency for an IP camera. If you choose another, be sure to test that it sends images from robot to DS in a reasonable amount of time. I’ve seen some with 3/4 seconds of delay.

If you don’t want to spend much money, I’d recommend a USB camera that is plugged into the roboRIO. It is possible to get a pretty good one for $30 or $40 US. The Logitech and Microsoft ones are pretty common in FRC. The more expensive USB cameras will support more resolution, but that generally isn’t useful on the field and you will typically set it to a low resolution in order to satisfy the field data rate limits.

Greg McKaskle

While you’ll never find this in the rules specifically, and it is of course subject to change: As a general “meta-rule” that has held for quite a few seasons: anything which is not mandatory, a pneumatic device, bumper, or is potentially an actuator or energy source is allowed unless it violates a “general rule”, such as unsafe, too expensive, or fabricated at the wrong time. This year, that logic for electrical devices begins with rule R35, note a, which defines a CUSTOM CIRCUIT.