What can individuals and teams do to keep themselves safe during events?

There’s been a lot of talk about event safety and protocols and how it relates to Covid, but I’m curious what are things individuals and teams are doing to protect themselves as well? For me, I get tested before and after every event (I have to for school anyways, but I would even if I didn’t) to ensure I’m not bringing Covid to anyone, and if I catch it that the events can do ample contact tracing. I also wear a KF-94 mask underneath my team mask. I’m also double jabbed (hope to get boostered over thanksgiving!), and we haven’t let my unvaccinated little sister come to any events (just got her first dose, she’s in the 5-11 category).

I haven’t had to travel at all for any events, but I will have to for Pine Tree this winter, and I honestly am not sure what to expect as far as hotels go and what safety looks like on that front. I literally have not traveled anywhere since Worlds 2019, so I feel like it will be a bit of a culture shock. CMP is a whole other ball game I don’t even want to think about now, assuming I even go but I do like to think about ways to increase personal safety to protect myself and my teammates.

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