What can the Neo motors in coders be used

I want to use the in coder inside of the Neo motors but just don’t know how and what to use them for any suggestions for the use of these

Assuming that you are using Spark Maxxes & Java using the encoders should be as easy as calling .getEncoder() on your sparkmax object in code.
See the REVlib documentation for more info.

and you can also use absolute encoders by calling .getAbsoluteEncoder()

Yes, although the question was relating tot eh encoder in the neo. Using an absolute encoder would require a separate external encoder

Probably should of worded my question better but what uses can these give us in matches if we use them

The encoder count tells you the current rotational position of the motor shaft. You can also determine the shaft rotational speed from this encoder.

These have many uses.

It can be used instead of externally mounted encoders for most, if not all of the same purposes. You can use these encoders to perform closed loop control of motor speed. You can use it for odometry or for the position of a mechanism that is being actuated by the motor.

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I was looking into using path planner could they be used for that?

they could be used in odometry which could be used with pathplanner

So if I would all I would need to add would be a gyroscope

yes, i would personally suggest a navX, but pigeons work too