What can your robot do in auto?

As a programming subteam of myself and one other programmer, we’ve created a simple auto that drops off a cube on a middle node and goes to balance. We have implemented an auto selector so we can switch between balancing after placing, achieving mobility from a side starting position, or sitting still.
I’m interested to hear what other teams are doing to draw some inspiration for expanding our functionality. Please describe or link videos!

We do have a similar selector that allows us to choose starting location, whether we will climb, and the number of game pieces. Ideally we only really run one from each location, but if there was a strategic reason we could choose a different one. We currently have a side three piece, two and climb, and a center piece + climb.

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Sorry someone touched my computer. He thought that would be funny.

To be serious we have 10 different autos using path planner. We are limited in how much we can do based on the speed of our mechanism. Autos include placing from various positions and leveling. and multi piece autos.

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A relatively simple one we did at hueneme was place cube mid + place cube high, but you might have to speed it up if you wanna climb at the end of that.

6045 has a 2 cube plus balance auto that has been working well for us through our first 2 events.

Here’s a link:

We’re working on adding a 2.5 game piece cable side, 3 game piece non cable side, and a 1.5 game piece plus balance from the center auto for championship.

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