What Chassis Did You Use in 2017?

How many people used each common chassis or made a custom chassis in the CD community? Post below any specifics or comments.

If they have a KOP chassis year after them, they do not need to follow that year’s manual. Using c-channel to create a “custom” drivetrain, such as my team did, would count as using c-channel.

Voted for custom - manufactured by sponsor. We had our chassis laser cut in .032 steel. Gearboxes were manufactured in house on a Tormach PCNC 1100.

We used the Vex 2014 Drive in a day chassis with the H-Drive configuration because the Mecanum upgrade for the KOP chassis was sold out. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND (unless you add a center drop)! You know what they say, H-Drive is the most GP drive train there is, because other people can tell you where to go (by pushing your bot).

Code Red did what we have always done. Lots and lots of 1x1 t-slot!!

We did a drivetrains using a combination of 2 x 1/4" aluminum flat stock, 1 x 1 tube, 1 x 2" tube and 1 x 2" solid aluminum, fully welded in the form of a WCD.

1073 did what we’ve been doing for the past few years and went for a sheet metal drive train. No bends, but cross supports made out of churro stock and 8020. It was pretty heavy, but it held its own

2x1 West Coast Drive with sliding bearing blocks, CNC’d by our good friends down at 971.

We bought a couple of AM14U2s on closeout. We cut off about 40% at one end, so had 4 wheel skid steer. Saved weight! Our robot with climber and active gear hanger was about 75 lb on the carpet (with battery and bumpers), making it reasonably zippy both on the carpet and the rope.

Edit: To clarify, we used 2015 gearing and four 2016/17 wheels and belts (6", 130t), four CIMS . Our superstructure was versaframe.

We used a custom 1/4" thick aluminum parallel plate chassis. The second (more successful) version was machined in house on our brand-new VeloxCNC. The first iteration was generously machined by a sponsor. The reason we needed a second iteration is because we were forced to completely disassemble our original robot after HVR week 3 because of gearbox malfunctions, and we suspected that the chassis might have something to do with it too. We decided to completely gut the robot and machine everything from scratch and rebuilt a robot in our 6 hour unbag time.

Just the frame
Assembly in progress

AM14U3. Why?

  1. It was in the kit (and thus didn’t require extra funds beyond the parts we changed).
  2. It was good enough for our needs.
  3. We’ve got two AndyMark mentors on the team, so that was a nice tiebreaker*.

*This isn’t an actual requirement around here–3940 went custom this year, and they build 20 paces from my desk at AndyMark.

Custom drivetrain with AndyMark products, so AM14Uv2017ish. The most robust chassis for this team in recent memory.

We used the andymark Nanotube 31, 3 shaft. It worked pretty well and we were done with the drivetrain by week 2.

1712 has used VersaFrame since 2015. It allows for easily varying frame dimensions, wheel sizes, and wheel quantities to suit your design needs. 2017 was the first year that we had a “thru-frame” intake using VersaFrame, and that did require some ingenuity beyond simply riveting together frame elements.

My one suggestion would be to use 3/16" rivets rather than 5/32" for any structural frame elements. We’ve found that the hard impacts of FRC will break 5/32" rivets sooner rather than later.

Versaframe is close to that elusive “good, fast and cheap” category. It’s so good that our team finds it hard to justify using anything else.

Sort of a half and half. We design, cut and drill. Our sponsor welds. We use Aluminium square tubing. (Cannot remember if its 1", 1.125" or 1.25") Has worked pretty well for our team since longer than I’ve been with them.

This years frame being welded by a sponsor of ours:
Photo courtesy of our students who went along to get it welded.

Custom - manufactured by local machine shop sponsor/mentor and that mentor’s daughter (our driver this year).

AM 14U3. We went from nothing to a driving robot in 8 hours and except for replacing our wheels at Champs, we never had to touch it.

Four CIMs with a step up from the included gear ratio and we were one of the fastest robots at each of our competitions. The only thing I would change is going to treaded wheels instead of the ones included in the kits to make replacements due to wear easier.

Overall, the going with the kitbot is the best decision our team made.

It’s still an underutilized resource. I wish more teams used it. There are so many problems teams have to solve during the season, none more costly on messing up than your drivetrain.

1640 this year custom built our chassis as we have in previous years. This year’s chassis was primarily 1x2x1/8in C-channel welded together by our student welding team. It was a lot of fun to CAD and even more fun to weld! It held up relatively well over the course of the season, though it did suffer some mild damage at MAR champs.

I voted for “Custom chassis- Manufactured by Sponsor” as it’s best as per my knowledge.