What college are you going to?

Alright seniors. ED/EA is starting to trickle in (MIT in less than 24 hours, :ahh:). Who’s already in a college? Please raise your proud and relieved hands.

And if you’re still awaiting a decision, or got rejected or deferred, don’t worry about it too much. Remember that your achievements are still your achievements no matter what colleges think of them. If FIRST taught you anything, it’s that you can make a difference whether you’re a high schooler or a Ivy Leaguer or going to your local community college. Be proud of yourself and do amazing things!

The seniors on my team are doing pretty good.
Caltech: 2 acceptances, 2 deferrals
Harvard: 1 deferral
MIT: 5? deferrals
Stanford: 1 acceptance, 1 rejection
Cornell: 1 rejection

I got into Stanford, which is my dream school, but I’m applying to a few others to compare financial packages. If Stanford is too expensive, I won’t be able to afford attending (and I don’t want to burden my parents or myself with a loan).

I’m looking to double major in psychology and mechanical engineering. :slight_smile:

For now though, Stanford Cardinal Class of '16!

MIT acceptance this past Saturday!!! :smiley: cue dance party

Now just to see how to pay for it, might not go if it’s too expensive. :ahh:

Also an acceptance to GA Tech! :slight_smile:

University of Michigan!! College of Engineering. Going for Aerospace! Go Blue!!

Ooh, I’m jealous. I got deferred from MIT, but was accepted for WPI. Congrats to everyone else!

Accepted to the UMich College of Engineering on Friday, but I’m still waiting on Stanford (Regular Decision).

Larry, how odd. Engineering and Psychology is my planned double major and guess what my dream school is… Stanford.

Georgia Tech admitted!

still applying to CalTech and Carnegie Mellon

Team members got admitted to:
Georgia Tech
University of Georgia

so far been accepted to Rose Hulman Institute of Technology for mechanical engineering, Purdue for aerospace engineering and Embry Riddle Aeronautical for aerospace engineering, still waiting to hear back from Cal Poly SLO for aerospace.

Deferred from the University of Michigan :frowning:
Waiting on Michigan to tell me. Very frustrating.

Also accepted to Michigan tech.

Does anyone know if Michigan Tech will offer a scholarship for FIRST members? I’m looking at possibly going there to study Audio Production & Technology. None of the seniors on my team have gotten FIRST scholarships. :confused:

I do not believe that they have any scholarships specifically for FIRST participants. They used to, but I remember looking last year when I applied and I didn’t see anything on the FIRST or MTU websites. There are currently none listed on the FIRST site, but it says to keep checking back.

Thank you for that information. Hopefully I’ll be able to find other scholarships that I’ll qualify for.

The scholarship that they used to give out didn’t get renewed because the program that the scholarship made you participate in didn’t get its grant $ renewed. Also the scholarship they had was only for engineering so your desired major wouldn’t have qualified for it. Thought I have plenty of friends who are still in the audio production and sound design majors at that school. I will ask them if they know of any scholarships for incoming freshman.

I know this because I got one of the last FRC Mich Tech scholarships back in 2005.

Thank you so much!