What color Trackball did you get in your kit?

Red or Blue?

237 got a red one, 228 got a blue one. Kinda weird I guess.
I figured everyone would just get the same color since it won’t really matter.
(unless you want to try and track a blob of red or blue color I guess)

Who’s going to have more results in the end? Red or Blue??

The Trackball poll race is officially on!!

We got Red. The real question is if anyone got a Trackball with the large white dots. (are they also nylon?)

Blue and Blue for 830 and 469.

That rules out an odd-even theory.

But personally, I would love a polka-dotted ball.


Go Red Ball Team!

Ha! But who has their balls all the way inflated and haven’t popped yet! :stuck_out_tongue:

Red here with no dots. I too am curious as to how the dots are attached.:confused: :confused:

Did anybody else notice that some of the Trackballs in the kickoff video had spots on them? Vision balls? Did anyone get or know where to get those?

On a slight deviation from this thread, but still related through the transitive property of trackballs, does anyone know if using static infrared lighting (not modulated, should not interfere with the IR transmissions) for the camera is illegal?


The “dots” on the balls as they are being called here, seemed to be just vinyl sticker paper you can buy at say any office store that were cut into circles and put on the places of the ball as shown at kickoff.

I’m sure they may be more than just “stickers” and held on more securely (with a glue of some kind??) but they were not painted on, and they had a slight thickness to them such as the above mentioned sticker paper.

I guess if anyone wants to know specifics on them they can always ask FIRST directly, as this was just a quality of them I noticed from the official field at the Kickoff in Manchester, NH.

I was hoping for a blue on. But, we got red.

Also, we inflated ours once already, and we have not popped it. But, we always deflate stuff when not in use, and we don’t kick them around.

blue one for 540 and we have allready started building a rough overpass

MOE got a green one!:eek:

No wait I was just looking through my MOE vision…its blue.:smiley:

And to think as a joke I was originally thinking about putting “OTHER” as a 3rd option to this poll. :yikes:

Great minds think alike!

The White dots are just for judges to follow them while scoring. Just a way to follow the balls around instead of trying to keep track between two of the same colored balls.

Too bad they couldn’t just fit one of those Lap Indicator devices inside the valve of the balls to make things easier… potentially.

If the balls are any way deviated from what we are using, it will quite possibly wreak havoc with any vision system any teams come up with. Do we know for certain that the balls will or will not have the white dots come gametime? Sounds like an official Q&A to me…


most of our team was wondering what the whit dots are for and we agree that it is probally for the judges

beside make some program for red wit dots blue with dots red without and blue without cant be that hard for our programmer

That would make things a whole lot easier on the judges i am sure

1778 and 2522 (lynnwood) both got red
we were hoping for a blue but it didnt happen…:frowning:

yay blues catching up
i dont know but the teams that got red are some of yall in the same area cus that might affect what color you get

like teams in certian kickoff areas get one color while another kickoff get the other color

From the rules:

The game pieces, known as “TRACKBALLS,” are large balls made of an inflatable plastic bladder
and an outer fabric covering. When inflated, each TRACKBALL is approximately 40 inches in
diameter, and weighs approximately 10 pounds. Two TRACKBALLS of each alliance color, red and
blue, are in the arena during the MATCH. One TRACKBALL of each color will be marked with a set
of six-inch diameter white dots so that it may be uniquely identified for tracking purposes during the