What colors are used on the field

What colors are used on the field? We want to see what colors we can use on our robot. In addition, we also would like to know what other colors besides the ones stated are on the field. We want to see what colors would’nt interfere with other players’ CMU Cameras

the colors on the field are:

red & blue- loading stations for each side
yellow- under each goal
green- on the vision tetras

What colors would you say wouldnt interefere with the camera? I dont know how sensitive it is in recognizing the difference in colors like blue and purple, for example

i’m no expert on this, but I think it’s pretty accurate in terms of colors.

Also, I believe that the rules say something like just not to intend to interfere, so if it is obvious that you are not intentionally trying to interfere with the other team’s camera, I think you will be OK.

any variety of purples, oranges (but not too yellow or red), or grays/silvers. brown wouldn’t interfere, and of course black and white are options.

I’ve found that the camera is pretty picky about it’s colors. For example, ours tracks the green tetra pretty well, but hardly noticed when we waved some green objects in front of it.

You should be fine with a green/red/blue robot. I’d test out the colors on your own CMUcam to see if they interfere, though.

I noticed during testing today that the cam picked up green very well, but the red spectrum didn’t really register with it. :frowning: