What computer games do you love to play?

If the subject didnt give it away, what games do all of you play? I myself prefer strategy, fps, and rpg. Also, do you know of any good shareware games that could be used on a cd to distribute to you cool people at a competition?

computer games? who has time for computer games? :wink:

lol, i do, when im not building the robot, or am doing a billion and one things for school.

If someone wrote a simple game that allowed you to drive boxes around on the playing field, I could play that and claim to be doing “robotics stuff.”

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**If someone wrote a simple game that allowed you to drive boxes around on the playing field, I could play that and claim to be doing “robotics stuff.” **

Write your own … in a way. Let me point you (and others who havent seen this) to this lovely game: RoboCode.
You program an AI robot in Java, if I remember correctly. It was pretty addicting. Im a geek.

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I’m a FPS and an RTS kind of person. I like Quake 1-3, Unreal (tourny), RTCW and things like that. Big fan of the red laert series.

Great shareware stuff is Commander Keen. There are 7 eps (Keen 106 & keen dreams) I think 3 or 4 are shareware.

Ive always been a fan of RPG’s, but a good game of Counterstrike never hurts. Ultima Online, for you RPG fans, is a great one to check out, considering all the possibilities…but thats just me :slight_smile:

Dink Smallwood has got to be one of the best free games I ever played.

Ahhh, yes… Robocode.

We’ve played with that in my Java class for the last couple semesters. Great fun. :smiley:

RPGs, Strategy games, and some sports names for gaming consoles: i like counterstrike, warcraft 3, diablo 2, age of mythologies, heroes of might and magic 4, jedi outcast, team fortress classic/starcraft (yes, i know they’re old)…and some others that I probably can’t think of right now

holy, what is your name on warcraft, i am fk-reddragon if you want we could play sometime. Anyway, maybe we could do a lan game at a competition, that would be sweet!

There are only two kinds of games in the world.
Mechwarrior games, and everything else.

very true, mechwarrior is a game genre of its own, such a great storyline and a great game, makes for a #%#%#%#%#%#%#% sieries!

Mechwarrior is cool, especially the new tabletop game Wizkids makes. Anyhow, I like the Command and Conquer series and quite a few other RTS games. I try to stay away from FPS games, but I play Elite Force pretty often, and I’m waiting for EF2. RPGs are great, but only the medieval ones where I can fling a lightning bolt at someone. I have a free MMORPG called Tibia which you can get here. I recomend it to anyone interested in the genre. And of course, I love the Worms series. The Sims is the best for passing time (and finding out that I can’t get a girl at the virtual level too). I still play Freedom Force every now and then (I even made The Hurricane). Space sims are fun. I’m still waiting for Freelancer (Starlancer will have to do for now). Uhh… I know I’ve forgotten something somewhere, but that’s my taste in gaming.

[edit] right, right, put in a link! gah. link button not working. www.roboforge.com [/edit]

What? Roboforge is not known here?!

D/L the demo. You will be hooked. . . . .

If you like it, buy it, its 20 dollers softwrap. I bought it the day after i tryed the demo. Its great, and has a great community, but the community is small so there is very seldom others online.

Here is a summary:

You build a robot. You choose from 8 Chassis, some floating, some legged, some wheeled.

Then, you get 20k credits to spend on it.

This includes non functional connectors, Energy sources, controllers (brains) sensors, weapons (90% damage reduction to these parts, and they deal 90% increased damage or something like that), sheilds (same as weapons but w/o the damage bonus), and rotators (parts that spin, cannot control them) and joints (moving parts you can control.

Once you have it built, you put in 'move’s by positioning joints and them recording their position. You can order the robot to move those joints to that position by calling the move.

Then you program. This is the interesting part. Run codes, for when you are winning so that the 3 minutes expires and you win on health. Intercepts to track those guys down. Adaptive, to react differently to a hammer or a spinner or a slider bot. all sorts of aiming stuff. The works.

Then you test it. You can ‘run’ fights between it and any other bbot you have saved. when you run a fight it shows a low-quality, choppy version while i is calculating, but once it is done you can watch the recording, full 3d, rotate, zoom, change focus, everything, and then you can save the recording.

THen you go to the challenge room, where you can fight your bot againt other people’s bots online, in the program. Great fun when people are there. You can watch other people battles, also, great place for n00bs to get their act together.

Then you enter it in tournaments. The tournaments are every other day or so, you submit your bot before the due date, after the due date you log on and the results are posted . . you can watch all of your bot’s battles, the semi finals and finals, and you can recomend battles not in the semis or finals to be available for everyone to watch . . . .

All in all, an amazing game.

but . . … save early and save often. It freezes quite often.ROBOFORGE! ROBOFORGE!

Im in the middle of my NHL 2002 Season (im too cheap to spend 40 bucks to buy 2003)

Anyone ever play Mechcommander? No? Try it.

but as for classics- nothing, absolutely nothing can beat civilization… I still have it on an ancient comp in my room (600 KB drive) along with commander keen, cosmic cosmo, and x-com

oh yeah- anyone ever play x-com? The first one, that is- also one of the best games ever…

What a coincidence, I also am a huge fan of Sid Mier and his Civilization series. Wait, what a larger coincidence, we’re on the same team! Wait, why am I doing this online then?

Other decent games are:
2)Age of Mythology (If you straighten out the .DLL file problem which I haven’t, so its a very nice paperweight)
3)Shattered Galaxy (Former lvl.70+ overlord)
4)Any sort of mech game that isn’t an arcade rip-off (Anything made before 2002)
5)Battlefield 1942 (killed a man just to watch him curse me off in the chat box)

However CIV III reigns supreme and is unchallenged in its glory.

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However CIV III reigns supreme and is unchallenged in its glory. **

Whoa whoa whoa- are you forgetting Civ I? Go back, play it, and tell me that Civ III is better-

gimmicks+graphics+more gimmicks= fake fun

I see your point.

thanks for the link! do you play warcraft 3 by any chance? also, what is your favorite mech class/type? i love the catapult, so cheap, and so great!