What constitutes a "rope or string"?

What is the definition of a “rope or string”? If “any composition” is allowed, can it be composed of metal or plastic? For example, could a straightened-out coat hanger be called a string? Is there anything that is remotely like a rope or string that would not be allowed?

Is nylon monofilament line considered a string / rope?

  • Keith McClary, Huron High Team 830

Good question - I would say that a hanger when straightened out is NOT considered a rope or string. That would closer resemble a flexible rod. I believe we are using the traditional interpretation here - a woven or wound material that is flexible and able to be tied. Plastic rope or string. monofiliment (single strand) is okay, as is multi-strand (nylon or metal woven rope or string) - Please be careful when using string or rope as it can easily become an entanglement issue if not controlled properly. Also make sure that whatever you are using, it complies with ALL the rules including those related to additional hardware.