what constitutes assist?

I have read the rule on possession. But what is herding? Or can you just bounce a ball off of your alliance member ?

Read and reread the rules on ASSISTS. They don’t strictly have anything to do with passing, ASSISTS only depend on which of your robots POSSESSES the ball in which particular ZONES. Herding counts as possessing. RobotA bouncing a ball off RobotB almost certainly doesn’t count as RobotB POSSESSING the ball.

This is the best definition we have.

POSSESS: (for a ROBOT) to carry (move while supporting BALLS in or on the ROBOT), herd (repeated pushing or bumping), launch (impel BALLS to a desired location or direction), or trap (overt isolation or holding one or more BALLS against a FIELD element or ROBOT in an attempt to shield them) a BALL.

It seems to me that bouncing off would not be herding because it isn’t ‘repeated’. However, I think it may be considered launching, as long as your robot was positioned such that it would bounce it to a planned location.

I think this is worth a QA, but I bet the answer will be unhelpful.

Launch still requires you to add force in that direction. A simple bounce is not enough.

You’ll want to be sure that you are being obvious about your possession to the refs, so they can score it properly.

You need to make 1 football move

The qualifying term “impel” implies that the robot taking possession would need to impart some force onto the ball, in a way beyond being just a stationary obstacle in the ball’s path, and change its momentum, in order to qualify for an assist.

However, if a moving robot was heading toward intersecting with a rolling ball and then intentionally stopped itself right in the path of the ball so as to redirect the ball’s momentum via only the ball’s rebounding off the now stationary robot, I still think this could be considered an assist. Especially if that rebound improved the path of the ball for reaching the 3rd bot in the assist chain.

I seems to me the ability of judges to establish what in fact is a “desired location or path” might be a bit tricky to determine.

-Dick Ledford

Or you could just read the blue box immediately below that rule, which specifically calls out “deflecting” as NOT counting as POSSESSION (which makes sense, since I can deflect my opponents BALL without causing myself a PENALTY for POSSESSING their BALL).

Since deflection doesn’t count as POSSESSION, bouncing a BALL off an ALLIANCE member does not count as them POSSESSING the BALL

1)Does an opponent hitting a ball delete all assists?
2) Does missing the final shot delete assists?
3) Does the ball staying lame for several seconds delete assists?
4) Does a deflection off wall/opponent/alliance (Accidentally) delete assists?

It’s just a unique pass that has not been seen. The way that they are going to score it is not going to depend on exactly who passes it where. Just in the unique pattern

I don’t anything nullifies the assists except for ejecting the ball from play through scoring or otherwise throwing it outside of the field.

That blue box is not in the definition of POSSES; just in the rule about not touching opponents balls. I (likely wrongly) saw that box as a special case for opponents balls.
And even so, its still going to be subjective what qualifies. “impels” is a tricky word. I don’t think you’ll really know until the coaches meeting.

Also, to the last guy; I don’t think even ejection from the field nullifies it as passing to human players (outside the field!) is “part of the game”

A cycle is defined as beginning when the ball leaves the pedestal and ending when the ball is scored in a goal. As far as I can tell there’s no rule that says that anything resets your assists other than ending the cycle by scoring the ball.

This indicates assist points are only scored as part of, and after, a goal score.

3.1.4 Scoring

Points are awarded once per CYCLE for BALLS SCORED by ROBOTS in the GOALS, BALLS SCORED by ROBOTS over the TRUSS,and for each ROBOT CATCH. Additional points are credited to an ALLIANCE upon each GOAL based on the number of ASSISTS earned by the ALLIANCE for that CYCLE.

IMHO - I think bouncing a ball off a stationary alliance member would NOT be an assist. Passing a ball to a moving alliance member who then redirects the ball by momentary contact would be an assist, even if the robot moved into position to deflect the ball and then stopped just before contact. The key is intent. A stationary robot or disabled robot can’t ‘assist.’

Moving to an intersecting location and then stopping in the path of a moving ball in such an orientation that the face of the robot causes the ball to rebound off it in a favorable direction seems like it should be considered an assist, especially if this cuts off a defender from redirecting the ball in a random direction.

Q&A should offer further clarification on this point, as it seems to be needed.

-Dick Ledford

I would like to think if I blocked it in their scoring zone and it rolls all the back to their alliances all assist should be void.

The point of defense is to slow them down. It doesn’t change the fact that the robots possessed the ball in the different zones, which is the definition of assist.

You should probably read the rules then. Only thing that resets the assist counter is scoring the ball.

the only thing that “deletes” assists is a goal