What controls are you using this year?

Just interested, but what kind of controls are you using?

We use a custom controller with a throttle on it for the operator, and the driver has 2 regular joysticks for tankdrive

picture of our custom controller:

We’re using PS4 controllers. We like the build quality and ergonomics better than Xbox controllers or Logitech gamepads.

So far, we’re using a Logitech gamepad.

We are using 2 xbox 360 controllers. Both the operator and I like the ergonomics the best of any controller.

Still TBD, but we’re leaning the same way. The driver will have one xBox, and the “operator” another. Drive will probably be by an arcade style drive, possibly with squared inputs to better support low speeds.

We are using a HOTAS system (a joystick + throttle combo) along with an Xbox controller for the auxiliary driver.

Not sure yet. Probably some combination of a joystick and game pad, whether it’s the Logitech or the Xbox one.

Wanted to use the Leonardo++ from 16Hertz, but we haven’t figured out how to get one. Has this PDV just been revoked?