What COTS parts would you like to see?

Now that the season has come to an end and we all have had some time to reflect on the season.

What are some COTS part that you wish that you could have had during the season?

What are some COTS Parts that you would like to see going forward?

Personal I would like to see a wider variety of hex broached gears in both 32 and 20 DP with a pocketed version to lose some weight on the robot. I would also like to see a disc brake that had a hex hub.

What are your thoughts?

I would love to see more options in the COTS swerve market. We used the 221 Systems Revolution module for many years, and they worked great for us but are no longer available.

Right now the only available COTS swerve is the swerve and steer which I have heard people have had issues with, and there is no partial solution like the rev module was.

30 tooth bevel gears, preferably hex.

In case it wasn’t obvious by now, we do keep a very close eye on these threads. Keep the good ideas coming!

I just want to say that the 57 sport rocked my world. We used the 100:1 version for both joints of our arm and never once had an issue despite pretty severe service. Thanks AM and Banebots!

Encoder stage option for the 57 sport. Don’t think I’ll ever go back to VPs for anything high reduction/low output speed again. I’d love to see an easy to mount output stage encoder solution like the VPs have. And please for the love of god do not put those tiny molex connectors on it.

This would be dead easy for a COTS supplier. A waterjetted adapter between the 44mm ISO disc brake bolt circle and the 1.875" AM/Vex bolt circle would be very cheap. You could probably even waterjet (or laser-cut, or machine) the whole rotor and resell knock-off mechanical calipers (although Avid BB5s are usually pretty easy to find).

I may or may not have something in the works :wink:

WCP Swerve is rumored to be coming soon.

EDIT: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1757951&postcount=17

It’s following the same development cycle as California districts.

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In-line direct 1:1 encoder mounting options for 3/8 and 1/2 hex shaft.

  1. 2019 Deep Space COTS manipulator/shooter
  2. 2019 Deep Space COTS robot


in all seriousness,

  1. I think i would think more GT2/3 Pulleys and Belts would be great.

  2. another item is to help teams use the SRX encoder would be a simple magnet mount that can screw into a thundehex shaft to help put the magnet in the right spot for teams that don’t have a lathe

A bolt on chain/belt tensioner for common FRC belt (9mm, 15mm) and chain (#25, #35) sizes.

  1. Dual RedLine input for 57 Sport. Bonus points for flip-motor mounting options and a spot for an SRX encoder.
  2. The return of the 221 double 17-tooth #25 sprocket, in 1/2" hex.
  3. If someone wants to replicate the VersaFrame gussets with #11 holes, I’m there.

You rang? (OK, not 1:1, but we could probably do that next year if needed)

  • More swerve modules
  • More 775pro transmissions
  • 217-4098 with a 6" output shaft
  • 1/2" hex 17t double sprockets
  • More options for ball shifter gears

A COTS district for Ohio

Motors with built in sensors. Not as add ons… just flat out built in.

Vex IQ has it. FLL has it. VRC has it. FTC has it.

FRC is behind the curve here.

+1 on the 6" output shaft

A mount for the calipers with holes that match the VEX VersaFrame hole pattern would be nice too. All the calipers I have seen will not mount nicely on a flat surface.