What COTS parts would you like to see?


OH yes, I’d be all over that. We would love to make our pit functional without having to build cases from scratch.


Check out Bolt Depot. This is where we got all of our threaded fasteners from this year; minus some of the unique surplus from prior years. Great customer service and pretty reasonable prices.


A COTS solution for custom scissor lifts. This year the part on our robot that took the most time was designing our 1.5 stage scissor. We had 14 iterations of it and the final version wasn’t attached to our ramps until our 6 hour access period. We had different screws, scissor arms, supports. This was only when we decided on the 1.5 stage scissor. We had 4 other lifts before that. We could have had more than 3 days of driver practice and more complex autos if we didn’t spend most of our build season on the ramp lift.


*Hardware for SRX Mag Encoder(magnet)
*screw for 3 stage VP
*VEX PRO only- option to buy the hardware of any item separately like the spacer of the WCP SS Gearbox or the screw etc…


All three of the above would really be helpful.


The magnets are diametrically opposed and can be bought from anywhere but we get them from here. We’ve also had luck using other diametrically opposed magnets that are both smaller and larger than these:

There is a CTRE Hardware kit here:

The 3 stage VPs use 8-32 - 2.75" long bolts (page 13 of the guide):


550pro per Nick Coussens’ suggestion in a swerve drive thread


Multi-motor input for the VersaPlanetary 180deg drive kit. This is also something that’s relatively easy for teams to manufacture themselves, but a COTS option would be nice.


What value would this add over the 775pro or BAG?

It’s silly to use one of the legal 500 sized motors over a 775 or BAG anyway unless you want to throw away performance margin for minimal weight savings.


I eagerly await the day when an FRC specific, COTS scissor lift kit is available for sale.


Less weight like you said (which does add up if you switch more than just one motor, like in a swerve drive or mechanism that does not require a more powerful motor), and the fact they would likely be cheaper than both 775pro and BAG. Also BAG motors are insanely hard to find pinions for in stock (we have never used a BAG because of this*). Another benefit would be their compatibility with the gearboxes that accept the old am-9015s, some of which we currently have but have burnt their motors.

*Hopefully a company like Vex or AndyMark will make BAG pinions so we can use the BAGs from our KOPs


WCP-0003 is what you need.


WCP sells them.


https://www.armabot.com/collections/frontpage/products/dual-armabelt-drive :wink:


Yes, but they are often on backorder (as they are now, even a month after the season ended) because of the large demand and would cost a good bit to ship since we are on the east coast. I just wish that a company closer to home or a large distributor such as Vex or AndyMark sold them so they would be easier and cheaper for us to get.


We’ll be offering USPS as a site wide option here in about 2 months once the site upgrade happens. Should drop pricing to about $6-7 for small items for about 2 day shipping.




Then a vendor can capitalize on a COTS robot up-righter.


IMO, it would be nice to see more WCP items available from other resellers like The Robot Space and VexPro, much like how Vex products are. Obviously there are logistical and contractual issues with this but it would be hugely beneficial (especially for my team, as we’re only like an hour away from The Robot Space). The long delays in shipping are one of the main reasons I tend to avoid WCP items, even though I prefer them functionally in many cases (The ~4 week delay on pocketed gears that were “In-Stock” when we bought them killed our build schedule this year). :frowning:


I would like to see an update to the VEX thunderhex bearings to include markings that indicate that it is a thunderhex bearing so students do not confuse them with 1/2 inch round bearings. Either some kind of marking on the case or anodizing a portion of the bearing. We lost time as we had a student put together a gearbox who accidentally used a thunderhex bearing instead of a 1/2 round bearing causing the gearbox to draw more current than anticipated.

Yes I realize measuring with calipers will tell you which one is which and I can probably tell you which one is which just by looking at them, however it is less obvious especially for new students who maybe aren’t aware there is a difference.

I would also like to see 10 packs for bearings from vex and WCP. it would make inventory when you receive a shipment much easier and it would cut down on all the unnecessary packaging of a single bearing