What counts as Level 3 Climb Points?

If you are hanging off the side of Level 3 when climbing the Hab at the end of the match, does it still score 12 points?

I do not believe so. The rule book states that it must be supported by the level, and your robots bumpers must be above the level.

AFAIK as long as nothing else is supporting you (except for the platform or an alliance member that is also on Level 3) and your bumpers are above the height level you should be counted.

ROBOT is considered to have started from, or climbed to, a HAB Level if:

  1. the ROBOT’S BUMPERS are fully above the Level’s platform and
  2. the ROBOT is only supported by:
    o surfaces of the HAB at or above that Level,
    o ALLIANCE WALL, and/or
    o another ROBOT which has climbed to that HAB Level or higher

Does a robot have to support another robot after the match is done, or are the points counted at T=0?

5.3 …
…scores are based on the state of the FIELD when the ARENA timer displays zero (0), or, if not all elements have come to rest or the ROBOT changes state after being DISABLED at the end of the MATCH, five (5) seconds after the ARENA timer displays zero (0).

And this is the key point. Any climbing process that does not have you able to come to rest fully and only supported by the platform had better have some sort of anti-backdrive mechanism. This is even more important for any sort of lifting mechanism for a second robot. You may get the points if the height is checked quick enough, however if lots of things are happening at T=0 or if it is not super clear that the robot is climb compliant, it may backdrive out of compliance before it can get verified.