What dashboard do you use?

I was curious on what dashboard different teams use for their Driver Station. Which one?

Our programmer is using his own homegrown dashboard and communications for that matter.

This might be a subject for a poll.
And you can get practice making a poll.

I will probably make a poll. How do you make your own dashboard? Sorry if it’s a stupid question.

We plan to use a custom HTML based smart dashboard, and have based ours of off 1418’s wonderful 2015 dashboard. Making a poll should be an option when you start a new thread.

Holy snap that’s so cool!

Theone we have this year is (imo) much better.

Our team just uses a java dashboard. Sorry nothing too special :frowning:

Custom written in Qt (sorry I have no snaps of it because I’m on my
Phone) (qt is Basixally like their html dashboard except it is a lot more powerful and flexible but it is difficult to compile and build properly) there’s not much in it because we have a lot of one touch PID loops for main control and LED indicators for everything else