What Dashboard is your team using?

Until now my team has been using the WPI SmartDashboard (not the SFX one), it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t very good either. Now we are having some problems with it (we can not display graphs and can not save our layouts). We tried switching to the new SFX one but had technical problems and we couldn’t display anything on it. I heard about team using the Labview dashboard in java but i’m not sure how they did it.

Can some of you please share your experience with your dashboard and maybe paste some example code or share a resource about it?

Thank you everyone for your help :slight_smile:

We switched to SFX this year. Right off the bat it fixes some problems

  • There’s a nice tree of variables
  • You can choose what to display and whether to auto-add
  • It has great layout and grouping tools

It comes with problems of its own

  • graph widget is bad, no support for USB camera. To solve these we used a graph widget plug-in (from 1768 -https://github.com/Nashoba-Robotics/SmartChart) and made our own USB camera widget using code from the old dashboard
  • It’s very resource intensive
  • It has some minor glitches such as not being able to edit widgets inside certain containers, and it often fails to save your layout with no visual feedback

We haven’t used the labview dashboard since we used labview :slight_smile:

thank you for your response.
can you please add a small code snippet as an example of how to use the SFX dashboard? maybe something simple like how to display a variable or how to put a PID configuration widget

The dashboard front-end doesn’t change how your robot code needs to work. Just use SmartDashboard.putDouble, SmartDashboard.putData(PIDController), etc as usual.

ok, thank you very much!!