What Dashboards are Teams Using?

  • Smart Dashboard
  • Shuffleboard
  • NI LabView Dashboard
  • Webserver based Dashboard
  • Custom Dashboard
  • No Dashboard

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If your team is using a custom dashboard what are you doing and why?

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Currently we’re only using Shuffleboard but we may have a widget in Glass to show our arm through a Mechanism2d


Interesting, I’d offer you another program that works better then glass but it doesn’t provide anything better besides the option to render your arm with your actual CAD model if you wanted. Also what values are you using Shuffleboard for?

pretty much all of our arm values, including whether they’re at setpoint. also motor temperatures, Field2d, camera feeds, analog pressure reading, and auton chooser.

For all of our testing, we use Shuffleboard to display and adjust values (yay debug mode!). But for competitions, we have a custom dashboard that displays if certain subsystems are at setpoint, a match timer, a 3x3 scoring grid, and ways to choose and display camera feeds.

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