What did everyone think of team 1803 "Wood Works: Robot Woodie

Guys it was our first year in this event we where at the Long island regionals, i just wanted to know what you all thought of our wooden robot woodie

i would put a pic of it up but it is not letting me

but all of you guys who where there what did u think before and after, i am just curious because i have hard a lot of things from my team

I <heart> wooden robots. I’ve never seen yours, but two thumbs up from me.

Wooden Thunder was our 2005 robot: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/20312

gotta see a photo before I can decide.

Wood is a great material to work with in a low budget shop. I have a wooden kayak in my garage that Im finishing in a few weeks, and I had a wood motor boat that I built a few years back.

One suggestion: once you have a wood assembly its very easy to cover with fiberglass, if you can accept the extra weight it makes the structure much stronger. If you plan this from the start you can make a very thin and lightweight wood structure, then cover with fiberglass for strength.

if you have a photo you cant post for some reason send it to my email: [email protected]

Actually, RAGE has used a wooden base since about 1996 or so. We use Baltic Birch Plywood, I believe 9 ply, and have only had 2 breaks that I know of. Once in 2003 and once last year. Plywood is definately great for building no matter what the team’s budget.

Plywood is mother nature’s composite. We used wood this year for budget reasons. Birch plywood is strong stuff. As mention above 9 ply Baltic birch is amazing stuff. Be careful of home center plywood. The inner layers are a low density filler wood. Not as strong. We used a piece of 1/4" this year with a layer of s glass on each side. Our shooter is a 3/4" birch box. We’ll see how it holds up this weekend.

I thought it was great, but then I might be a bit biased :wink: .
Get Tony to add the finished robot photo to your website.

That was one well constructed rookie robot! Finishing as the 8th Alliance after seeding proved that! You were high on our scouters list as a choice.

if this works heres a pic of woodie