What did FIRST do RIGHT for Houston?

It feels that the majority of posts on Chief Delphi right now are major issues or problems teams have with Champs. Whether is be the production, or the ridiculous wait times, or the format of the playoffs​ the Houston Championship seems to have a rocky liftoff. While I agree with many of the concerns that have been brought up, I am curious what aspects were improved or changed (for the better) from prior years Championship?

I recognize that a lot of the bumps in the road are from a new city, venue, ECT… While some of FIRSTs decisions were questionable, I want this thread to highlight the positive things that Houston brought to Champs and FIRST overall

I absolutely loved having FTC’s finals playing at the same time as FRC. I do wish that the production values for FTC were at a higher level, but it’s a great step up from being off in a corner somewhere. Hopefully in future years FTC’s production values will be high enough to not seem completely out of place, though.

(Note, I’m not there so most of my opinion is from watching the webcasts).

The only big complaints I heard until today were weather (it’s Texas, can’t do anything about that) and that it’s difficult to find food after 3pm. One thing that I’d hoped would be better about going to Houston was that Houston has two airports, one of which is a major hub for United but nope, plane tickets are just as expensive as going to St. Louis

I wish the game was watchable or half as exciting as any vex game…

The webcast pre-Einstein was awesome.

The Gamesense show was great! I really enjoyed the pre and post match analysis and made it much easier to keep track of how each division was playing out.

I like the Chairman’s Finalist awards

Watching Einstein has just been absolutely terrible.

This thread has to be a joke. FIRST definitely has run into some issues this year. Some are to be expected with a new venue, some should have been avoided.

But acting like Houston had nothing good about it? Come on…

I found the quals viewing in person better than at St. Louis. It gave you a good view for the most part.

The air conditioning in the GRB convention center was quite pleasant! Also, the proximity of pits to the fields was nice. The GRB worked well for the most part, as did Discovery Green.

I mean, I found it about as watchable as Starstruck or NBN, aside from the lack of live scoring.

If FIRST was a video game, it feels like this champs was a game breaking update.

In all seriousness, FIRST took like one step forward and three steps back.

OP never said there’s nothing good about Houston. They just said they’re mostly only seeing negative things being posted about online and are asking what are some things that are really good or improved from previous years. Also, OP’s team is going to St. Louis since they’re from MAR, so it’s pretty likely OP only has online pictures and posts of Houston for clarification and so they can form their own opinion. Relax, dude.

What was the step forward?

I struggle to find very many positives about how this event has been run. FIRST really dropped the ball on this one and has managed to make a terrible thing that much worse. I know I haven’t been around awhile but I can’t think of an event that has been run worse.

I will say I’m not at the event and most of my opinions have been drawn from what others have been saying and what I have seen on the stream.


If only my team delivered the last gear for the fourth rotor and I could be taking my airship to Houston instead of relying on pictures, posts, and Subpar webstreams to form my opinion

This, I enjoyed it a lot. Best of all, it got rid of my need to have a bunch of streams running at once to follow all of the exciting matches.

Take the folks in charge of this, and whoever put up the cameras on the division fields, and let them handle the Einstein coverage. They seem to know what they’re doing.

I havent been involved in FIRST for awhile and I was super excited to see the venue changed to Houston.

I was not there personally but watching the stream made me realize a couple things.

  1. It made me feel uncomfortable seeing all those empty seats in the stadium.
  2. Einstein was way too far away for anyone to see.
  3. The stream was choppy on Twitch and the chat was very appalling.


  1. When the stream worked, it was nice.
  2. Liked the positive response towards the FTC championship matches.
  3. The announcements were very nice and the announcer for Einstein was awesome to listen to.

Also, I heard that something happened with Bacon? Can someone explain?

Tori Hoelscher

For Champs overall? Ill have to agree with AGPapa with the Chairman’s finalists.

For Houston? Ill say the division seating allowed spectators to watch as if were a regional event