What did the 2014 game hint mean?

So, I got lost in the hundreds of posts on the game hint thread. Now that aerial assist is out, can someone explain what the hint meant?

The first numbers in the pair were birthdays of various individuals who held the record for assists (indicated by the second number) in MLS, NBA, and NHL.

As it turned out, this year’s game is all about assists.

Which makes me wonder: looking back, how accurate were we in deciphering the game hint?

It was solved

From elsewhere on CD…

"Steve Ralston, born 6-14-74, holds the MLS record for assists: 135.

Wayne Gretzky, born 1-26-61, holds NHL record for career assists: 1963.

John Stockton, born 3-26-62, holds the NBA assists record: 15806."

After the update to the hint, I believe it was solved the very same day. I’m not sure if anyone got it prior to the update.

No offense, but “It was solved” doesn’t explain anything. I just thought it would be interesting to see what the hint told us in comparison to what we found out yesterday about Aerial Assist.

The game hint is just something to occupy the masses until they reveal the game.
No one knows the real answer until they reveal the game.
It’s just filler.

The first part is true, but CD did find that the answer had to do with assists.

and no one really knew if that was the case til yesterday.

Correct, but that doesn’t mean the answer wasn’t right

But just knowing that the game has something to do with ‘assists’ doesn’t tell you anything about the actual gameplay. I don’t think solving the hint before kickoff gave anyone an advantage.

Ed is right, it’s just filler to occupy people who can’t wait for kickoff.

I never said it wasn’t a filler, and figuring it out doesn’t give you an advantage, I’m just saying CD did solve the game hint, that doesn’t mean that it gives you an advantage.

Previous game hints:

Triple Play (don’t remember if it was actually solved or not): Lots of 3’s and a baseball reference gave the game title and the 3v3 format.

Overdrive: could have figured it had something to do with a race (tortoise and hare sculpture, Boston Marathon)

Aim High (I don’t think this was solved): the clues pointed toward the green vision target light

Lunacy (This is probably the one CD got closest to): Figured out references to the moon and ice=slippery

LogoMotion: Figured out the name (as I recall, the first instance was a typo of LocoMotion, the song) and thus could surmise that it had something to do with the logo.

But none of that gave any benefit in knowing what the game was going to be or what robots had to do.

The assist part was solved, but I think everyone expected another coopertition game

The picture of the LocoMotion singer on the column made some think that robots would have to climb a pole, which it was then revealed the minibots had to do.