What did you acquire at Championship 05?

I saw a thread from last year with all these pictures of things acquired from a regional/regionals. Figured it’d be a fun thread to put up this year for Championship.

Here’s my stuff (don’t mind the funky way the picture is angled, I took it from the side and then rotated the picture…weird), and here are the contents:

58 Buttons
14 Necklaces/Bracelets
12 Miscellaneous Giveaways (blow up stuff, pens, highlighter, etc.)
6 Cards/Business Cards
5 Stickers/Bumper Stickers
4 LEDs
2 Shirts
2 Frisbees
1 Varsity Hat
1 Umbrella Hat
1 VEX Dinner Balloon
1 VEX Dinner Admission Necklace Ticket thing.
1 Devil Duckie (I love my Joanna)
1 RCU Bandana
1 573 Screwdriver
1 1014 Froggie
1 Dory Bandaid (<3 Miss Kathie <3)
1 34 Notepad
1 1604 Promo CD
1 FIRST water
1 Championship girl sweatshirt (bought)
1 Triple Play backpack (bought)

Silly string can and Silly string
Wrap Party Wristband (JamizzleHavok13 and I are having a contest on whomever can keep hers on the longest…hehehe)

What did everyone else get, and how much of it?

I got lots of cool/great “stuff” - but what I will treasure most is the memories I brought home with me; the new friends made; the new experiences I had (presenter at the conference). :slight_smile:

Alas, I was too busy to aquire much this year…

1 Think Pink pin- “Real Men Wear Pink!”(my second one)
1 Children of the Swamp pin(I have tons)
1 pin that says “This ain’t your daddy’s science fair”
1 279 pin
1 pair of safety glasses(from the pit safety area after I lost mine)
1 2005 championship shirt(bought)
1 signature of Dean Kamen
1 roll of film(taken)
infinate memories. :slight_smile:

What’s important in my pile of goodies is I got a “Dave says that’s pimp too” pin…thanks Heidi :smiley:

I was on the field too much to grab many things home…tho team 694’s fortune cookie is sitting on my desk right now looking mighty tasty…

3 gold medals… :rolleyes:

Anyway, I got a 330 shirt, a 217 shirt (ty Paul!), a frisbee and the normal 6-bazillion buttons :slight_smile:

I got a lot of shirts.
229 (thanks JVN)
and a vex shirt.
I also got the memory of this year being so fun.

More friends.
How cool is that?

9 (external, I forgot to see how many they put inside) stiches
1 Set of tools used for stiches
1 Hospital wristband
1 Set of crutches
2 perscriptions

and several rides in wheelchairs

and hopefully a cool scar and story to go with it :slight_smile:

I accidentally walked off with 3 each color penalty flags in my pockets. :o


A fear that someone with a camera was around when team 236 talked me into trying the tick dance at Newton field :).


I got alot of buttons, a way cool t-shirt from team 1577 from Israel and memories to last a lifetime! :slight_smile:

I think we all know why NUTRONS didn’t win the Safety Award :rolleyes:

How about that story?

Everybody’s doing it! If we were lucky enough to get you on tape, check out www.dothetickdance.com in the coming weeks, you might be on it!


I think I sense a “Caption Contest” photo in the area! :smiley: Hey, Billfred!!!


I would just like to thank the member of team 33 for trading me his hat. I wear it everyday to school. Besides this I got two patches for my blanket, a crushed penny, a sign from the gearheads, the UNITY buttons from 279 along with the backpack of goodies, and a Canada lanyard. Me and my friends traded to get a tetra from team 279 I beilieve. we then went around the pits trying to trade that for something really cool. Unfourtently we failed and it ended up breaking. I also got the autograph of Dean Kamen. But most of all the fun and lifelong memories of this year.

“accidentally” riiiiight :wink:

I got a championship event crew Tshirt, and badge (The stars on it make it that much cooler than the regional ones :p)

a “Dave says ‘that’s pimp too!’” button

Bruises :frowning:

Sore feet

Lots of fun.

haha, yes thats very true, got very sore feet walking from the pits to the arena and back and forth and back…
most of the things I got were buttons, some ballons, keychains, and a wristband. I wanted to get more things but we didnt have too much time to walk around.

Oh and a cold.
stupid weather

Agreed, the best thing FIRST can give us all is memories and friendships. This has been the an awesome season with some awesome memories.

A Robot is replaced every season by the next robot, but a friend, team member, mentor, and memories will never be replaced.