What did you drive to the robot meeting today?

What did you drive to the robot meeting today? Since it was a nice day, I decided to drive my 1962 Chevy II altered wheelbase drag race car. Runs around 10.0 at 130 mph in the quarter mile. And lots off robot parts fit in the trunk.

10.0 on those skinny tires? I have a hard time keeping my 275’s gripping in my mustang and it will only run 11.5.

Nice car, I’m jealous since mine is in storage until all this white stuff goes away.

Thanks! I swap tires when I race, and also take off the mufflers/pipes. The slicks are about the same size as the L78-15 rear tires. The altered wheelbase thing really works, the weight balance is 50-50 front to back.

AMG FTW! :slight_smile:

Noticed the windshield sticker. Did you do the full drag week tour?

I’m jealous of you folks being able to drive these cars all year long. Everything nice gets hidden away for 6 months of the year up here.

Yep, it was a fun trip! and I had a robot copilot…my son Steven, who is currently a mentor for 842.

My 2010 Toyota Matrix.

Uh, Jim…I hate to be the one who tells you, but there’s a hole in the hood…:rolleyes:

Nice. Robot Parts at 130 in 10 seconds flat.

Today, if we hadn’t cancelled, I would have driven my 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class all-electric. Tomorrow, then.

Ok, Jim, you’ve got my '09 Subaru wagon beat. Unless we’re talking -20F with a foot and a half of fresh lake effect snow one of these fine Michigan mornings. :wink:

edit/ Is the beverage can a suspension upgrade?

Since my Ford Escape is still not back to me after two weeks (transmission repair) I once again drove my wife’s 2001 Nissan Altima. And now I feel even worse about that. :mad:

My buddy drove this beast today. It is a 500+ hp 1987 Silverado, and its favorite food is mustang gts. It cuts an average of 1.8 60ft time and runs a 10.7 1000 foot. It also competes in car shows, boasting a fully redone interior and a complete bed off restoration.

2005 Saturn Vue V6. It don’t go fast, but it keeps on going. When I flip the seats down, I can still probably move 60 cubic feet of robot parts faster than the 'stang, since I only have to make one trip, and that’s not counting the roof rack or towing. It also averages about 23MPG with my combination highway/small city driving. When my youngest heads off to college in two and a half years, I’ll probably pass this one to him and get a Subaru Outback for the same reasons.

… Ive got a kia soul
whistles quietly to myself in the corner

I drove the motor neurons that control my leg and trigger the muscle memory for the walking motion :rolleyes:

A snow plow.

But on a more realistic note, nothing I want to get rusty.

My mom’s 2004 VW Golf.

It wasn’t cancelled… :rolleyes:

My '87 Cannonade SR400 16-speed. :slight_smile:

Didn’t go to our team meeting today because I was out of town but if I had: 2008 Scion XB. I like to think it stands for XBox because that’s what it looks like.