What did you get from FIRST Choice this year?

Most people’s picks should be coming through around this time, so let’s see what you got!

Here’s what we got this year:

Who keeps taking all these blue shaft collars ?

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FC Part # Name Credits Quantity Total
fc-NI-3582 NI roboRIO for FRC (783582-01) 200 1 200
fc-DT-2217 Robot Radio (OM5P-AC) 200 1 200
fc-RA-7322 Photoelectric Sensor, RightSight (42EF-D2MPAK-F4) 100 2 200
fc-MB-1043 High Performance Ultrasonic Rangefinder - EZ4 (MB1043) 20 3 60
fc-MB-3101 High Performance Ultrasonic Rangefinder - EZ1 (MB1013-000) 20 3 60
fc-RA-1384 Robot Signal Light (i.e. Panel Signal Device) (855PB-B12ME522) 20 2 40
fc-BW-5242 DualVee Wheels, Size 3 (sleeve of 9, W3X or W3SSX) 20 2 40
fc-SH-8776 47mm OD, 17mm ID Bearings (Sleeve of 10) (63032RS) 10 1 10
fc-RA-7322 Photoelectric Sensor, RightSight (42EF-D2MPAK-F4) 100 1 100
fc-RA-4109 Photoelectric Sensor (42JT-F5LET1-A2) 100 1 100
fc-FL-5164 Digital Multimeter, model 115 (2538790) 200 1 200
fc-MB-1043 High Performance Ultrasonic Rangefinder - EZ4 (MB1043) 20 1 20
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160 skystones. I’m building a fort and putting a sign up to keep out @notmattlythgoe.


That explains why we didn’t get any skystones. I told my team we should have prioritized them higher than 4th, but they wanted that teflon tape.


Well at least you don’t have to worry about anything sticking to a teflon fort.

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We picked up a lot of dual lock.

FC Part # Name Credits Quantity Total
fc-3M-5052 Dual Lock Recloseable Fastener, SJ3540, 12 ft. length (70070521052) 10 20 200
fc-IF-9191 Motor Controller, Victor SPX (217-9191) 100 2 200
fc-FT-3261 Pneumatic Solenoid, Double Valve Kit (566654, 80422548, 183740) 50 2 100
fc-DT-2217 Robot Radio (OM5P-AC) 200 1 200
fc-AD-0661 IMU, SPI (ADIS16470) 50 1 50
fc-WA3001 Wago tool (WAGO-TOOL) 5 1 5
fc-RU-6109 1/2" Thin Shaft Collar, Blue (ENCL25-8-A, Blue) 5 2 10
fc-RU-4889 1/2" Shaft Collar, Blue (CL-8-A, Blue) 5 2 10
fc-RU-3959 1/2" Thin Shaft Collar, Blue (ENSP25-8-A, Blue) 5 2 10
fc-AP-5133 SB50 Connector Kit (SB50-FR) 10 4 40
fc-RA-1384 Robot Signal Light (i.e. Panel Signal Device) (855PB-B12ME522) 20 1 20
fc-JD-17342 Foam Gripper Kit (2 rollers/kit) (M156751) 5 6 30
fc-AT-7085 Automation Direct Pneumatic Tubing Kit (2021AD-tubing) 10 1 10
fc-AD-7729 Analog Devices Gyro (ADXRS450) 20 1 20
fc-3M-4423 Hook & Loop Kit (70070428423-15ft & 70070428415-15ft) 20 20 400

160 Skystones! Plus some other stuff (tools, tape, hook & loop, foam rollers). We missed out on every color of Hex Collar, as usual. All things considered, pretty pleased with the list.

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Glad to see I wasn’t the only one with this line of thinking. Definitely the best value on FC this year. Despite having 3440 credits worth of goods on the list, we still finished with 570 credits remaining. I guess we have good taste in product selection. Didn’t get a single hex shaft collar, but we did get the Flex Tape. Very surprised that’s not gone yet.

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Here is what we got. Donating most of it to the elementary school. They can use them as prizes for their STEM night.


I love how long your priority list is :joy:
Even after throwing filler items in after credits are used up, we still don’t go much beyond 20 before we quit

If next year’s FC is as “steller” as this year, I’m gunna have to see how long a can make it

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Got smart and put my purple hex shaft collars first - got 20 of 'em! And a lot of tape, velcro, tools, and two of those nice tool bags - they’ll be good for travel, in the dim and distant future. Plus a couple of sensors, I have no idea whether they’ll be useful but maybe?

Should have put the pneumatic solenoid higher, I make this mistake every year.


In case anyone is curious, it looks like a minimum of 1432 teams used FIRST Choice (if every team used all of their credits, which we know isn’t true). I’ve got a primary sort of percentage of items taken then a secondary sort of # of items taken


I ordered nothing for our team. Still no way to touch our robot…so I guess we don’t need any parts for it… :frowning:

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We got all of the things we wanted, except for air tanks and victors.

What we got:

  • ADI IMU MXP board (we had one, but this makes two)
  • 2x ADI Gyro board
  • 2x Victor SPX (I’m astounded these lasted that deep)
  • 4x Vulcan Spring packet
  • 4x Air Tanks (caution: now entering “sorta listed for the memes” territory)
  • 1x Flex Tape
  • 1x WAGO Tool
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 6x various FLL sets
  • 4x Johnson Electric aluminum hex shafts (which if you’d like them, hit my DMs and they’re yours)
  • 20x foam gripper kit
  • 1x Dual Lock

…and somehow we have 85 credits left. I’m astounded.

We did get some legos and analog range finders for prototyping and Romi goodness, but we also got a bunch of amazing stuff for the real deal when we can get to it (actually the analog ultrasonics are also for the real deal; you have to love dual purpose:). The only things that did not come our way that we wanted were the air tank, the victors, lever nuts, gearboxes, and shaft collars. Still I feel we got a sizeable bounty. Because it is coming all at once, it feels like a lot more than previous years. Maybe we are just learning to pick better :smiley:

Do the hex shaft collars usually disappear this fast? I put together our priority list last year and am almost certain most colors were still available after round 1, so I didn’t worry about ranking them super high this year.

At least we got both a Rio and a radio.

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