What did you get out of the 2006 season?

Every year we go through FIRST, we seem to get something out of it. We all know about the inspiration, blood, sweat, tears, blah blah blah. What about some of the odder things from this season?

For example, I can now proudly proclaim that I have a DNA sample of Gary Dillard, courtesy of the Burger King cup he left in my car on the drive from Charlotte to Palmetto. They might not have been able to clone Paul Copioli for each team, but surely most of us would settle for Gary. :wink:

I also got at least three different hair styles out of the season, between my build season look, my “I rode over with Barry in his Miata” look in Florida, and one other obvious one.

And finally, got a poof ball to the head and pelvic region. “Whack the Billfred” indeed, Dave!

So, what about you?

Sometimes holding together as a team is no small achievement.
The Woodie Flowers entries, the Chairman’s entries, our own experiences -
reflected the meaning of team anew to me. :slight_smile:

(this isn’t ‘odd’ but sometimes we take things for granted when we shouldn’t)

A great team and great teamwork, what more can a college FIRSTer ask for?

1.Meeting other teams and members of CD.
2.Mentor my amazing group of students from Team 204.
3. Emcee Monty Madness, was the greatest ever!
4. Volunteer at NJ regional and had a blast.
5. Start up Mentors Unite and have over a hundred mentor members.
6. Proud at what FIRST has done and can’t wait for more.


I’ll have better luck next year.

An awe inspiring mentor :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I gained a whole new group of friends, an even closer bond with some friends I already had, a huge amount respect for all the refs out there after helping referee Monty Madness, the ability to pass Andy Baker inspection, and the knowledge needed to help 229 in the coming years.


seeing as a few of my recent posts have been misunderstood and misinterpreted…

I guess I should just say that Joel has been a driving force in my FIRST experience. Not only as a strategist, scout, and driver… but also as a repository for all things FIRST and his amazing ability to predict not only the winning strategies, but the winning designs. I know there are no hard feelings between Joel and myself, but I can see how this might look as if I was offended or taking a shot at a great mentor.

I think I may just need to stop with all these jokes :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t be serious, there has to be something you got out of this year. :yikes: :wink:

this year has taught me to be more independent.

If it wasnt for going to the Boston regional to volunteer by myself without knowing a single person the first day I was there, and being able to go and have an AMAZING experience was absolutely incredible.

First has taught me that I can do anything if I set my heart to it.

It has also taught me that there are a LOT of caring, wonderful and fun people out there.

Oh and I also learned to stand up for what you believe in, and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.

What i got out of this season is more important than learning how to build robots and other engineering tasks. I learned that while stuff may cause trouble in the beginning there is usually a good thing coming up sometime in the future. You only have to wait until the good thing comes out of the shadows and then presents itself.

I also have met some new friends that i hope i will continue to friends with in the future. Hopefully with these new found friends amazing things will happen.

This past season has been one of the best for me due to the previous reasons. I know that i am being vague in the examples, but there really isn’t any other way that i could put it. Basically FIRST has helped me to meet new people, and learn to look for the positive things rather than focus on the negative things.

I think I’ll take this back to what Billfred intended and state the oddities gotten this year… Mentos and soda… I’m now obsessed with exploding sodas… well, maybe not obsessed, I mean, I haven’t exploded any since Mother’s Day…

Something I learned this season is that forget high-tech toys and robots, if you really want to keep teens occupied, give them some picture frames.


p.s. Billfred, if 200 or more Gary clones are running around next year calling me short stack or making some other comment about my height (or lack thereof) I will be tracking you down… destroy that cup!

I’ve seen FIRST through new eyes, and never will continue to see it differently through the years.

I met lots of new people.

I have made really really really close friendships with a few new people, and one best friendship with another through FIRST this year.


Maybe this new fangled logo won’t be half bad!

I really like audio/video editing.

Never underestimate the power of a well placed fountain.

And most importantly, I found a new path that I want to take in life, and I can’t wait to see where that takes me.

This year was an exercise in learning how much I really didn’t know. It was my first year really leading the robot design and construction, and it was an eye-opener, for sure. All the little things that you didn’t know about because our mentors used to take care of them suddenly become apparent when you’re the one in charge.

To paraphrase something that JVN told me once: FIRST is a learning experience. Looking back to last year, I realized that I didn’t know anything, and, as much as I think I know now, I really know nothing, and will realize that, in about a year. :stuck_out_tongue:

I learn this one every year (or rather, I gain an even better understanding of it). For a team to function well, everyone cannot get what they want, and each person has to make his or her own sacrifices.

Another one I learn every year – People may have cookie cutter images of what they want to do before a season starts, but if they don’t keep an open mind and make those sacrifices, they won’t get to experience new things.

For me, each season builds on the past ones and helps me to better realize what sacrifices have to be made and how I can be more open-minded than before.

“I dont know the reason
I stayed here all season
Nothin to show but this brand new tattoo
But its a real beauty
A Mexican cutie
How it got here I haven’t a clue”

I learned not to mix picture frames and Heidi.

Exploding/geyser soda was also tons of fun!

That your team will dance, you just have to find the right music (Cha Cha Slide=no, Cotton Eye Joe=Yes)