What do buddy climbing robots need from other teams, so they can pick them up?

There are many type of climbs out, and our team is looking to be able to buddy climb with another robot. What do we need to mount on our robot to make it easy for teams to pick us up?

I’d go with “anything they hand you”. Many buddy-climb teams will have specific additives that they have ready to hand out.

Just make sure you communicate to your partners that you are willing to buddy climb, and bring some fasteners.

Sorry, I am on a rookie team but weren’t additives made illegal after 2015? Unless they are inspected as an additional mechanism.

For a short period, yes. They were again legal by the time the season got under way. They are somewhat more limited this year than the past few years; see I1 for details. (Get the latest; it’s gone through an update or two during the season).

^^ This. If you want to be better able to accept those things, be relatively short and have structural points near the top of your robot where you can attach things they can use to lift you without interfering with your manipulators’ operation.

Some of us just need you to be short, and able to drive forward

“Cheesecaking” was banned this year (2020), by the rule that all “major mechanisms” need to be built by the team. A simple “handle” or something a robot grabs to lift the other robot might not be defined as a “major mechanism”, but I wouldn’t want to be dependent on the Head Ref/Inspector’s decision, or on specifications of the lifted robot (where to put the handle).
A buddy climb I saw this year (I think 1678 but I’m not sure) that is definitively legal is grabbing the bumper.
If you are asking as a lifted robot, make sure there is space/weight/etc. that the “handle” can be easily connected.

A good drivetrain is also good and requires some trial and error. Getting over the rendezvous points is nontrivial. Make sure you have a bellypan and enough wheels and clearance so the bumps and balls don’t impede your driving. This should also help with defense so you can be useful outside of endgame, at least?

Team Update 02 this year redefined “Major Mechanisms” as an assembly that can perform a scorable task without the assistance of another robot. This pretty much explicitly made handles and Velcro straps (what 1678 attaches - they don’t grab your bumper!) for buddy climbing legal - you’d have a hard time finding an inspector that would rule against them.

Make sure you are short enough to fit underneath the trench run. The smaller the better… at least for our mechanism

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