What do I need to do to change the team number to run two bots at the same time

A small part of our team is missing the kick off Saturday to host a booth at our school districts education expo going on the same date and time as the video. We plan to stream the video there to for the visitors.

Anyhow what do we need to do to run both our 2016 Stronghold robot and our preseason chassis bot. The driver-station team number seem simple enough, Is re configuring the radio enough? Do I need to run through the complete format of the Roborio? Or can we manually change the Rio team number.

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The simple thing to do is run the robot radio as an access point and assign different SSIDs to the robots & robot radios. Then they are on separate networks and you can use the same IPs ETC

The other option assumes you running DHCP & mDNS. Go to the Roborio webdash board and change change the host name from roborio-TEAM-frc to roborio-TEAM-frc where TEAM is the new team number. You don’t have to reflash the roborio or change anything in program.

#1 sound simple. The old dlink radio do i enter the radio directly with 10.te.am.1 like i would with my home router? Will i be promoted for user name and password? Is there a standard that the configuration tool may have set? I Welsh i could try before asking here but I’m trying to be proactive with issues i forsee could come up.

To do number one, On the DAP web configuration page. Manual wireless settings, Change the wireless network name (SSID) and the save settings. You don’t have to change any of the IP stuff because the robots will be on different networks. Then make sure the driver station wireless connects to right network.

This is assuming you are using the Dap as the access point and are connecting the drive station computer directly to it. IE the computers are not connected to the same wireless router which is connected to both robots.