What do rookie teams need at their inaugural competition?

We are trying to think of what to put in Rookie Goodie Bags to hand out at competition. We are also attending a new regional so if you can think of what might be needed there as well, please respond.

I’m not sure I understand your question. Are you handing out goodie bags to rookie teams or are you handing goodie bags out as a rookie team? If so, what is the purpose of the goodie bag? Is it for promotion items? Robot components or tools?

We are a veteran team, looking to help rookie teams overcome the shock and awe of attending their first regional competition. We were also thinking of things that all teams might need at a brand new regional.

i know one things have given out last year at one of our regionals that was helpful was a whiteboard with the field layout on it to help with strategies i know that would especially help rookies since they have a lot to do with scouting, alliance preparation and competition. I know with the my rookie team though i will be making print out field maps to use when pairing with alliances.

I second the game-specific whiteboards. Though those might be costly.
Otherwise a mini first-aid kit, 7/16" wrenches, 5/32" hex wrench, zip-ties… anything your remember NEEDING really bad during competitions are likely things a rookie team didn’t bring enough of!


First thing that really popped into my mind would be scouting related stuff.

The best thing you can put into a rookie’s possession is your assurance that you are willing to help with whatever they need from A-Z: Advice to Zipties. If there are physical objects that convey this “strange-to-a-rookie” concept, so much the better. Also make them sure that you are not expecting to be repaid directly. GP by example is more effective in person than on paper.

One of the occasionally ‘hard to find, easy to lose’ items that I’ve always found to come in handy (and make sure to always carry with me at an event) is a small flathead screwdriver, ie. a tool for Wago connectors.

I suggest swapping the white board for a clip board. They need to keep up with their match schedule and potential to-do list. Field layout could be a print out or laminated sheet. Bring some blank bill-of-material sheets in case they missed the requirement.

If you dare … bumper supplies.


A good overview on the NEMO resources page: http://www.firstnemo.org/resources.htm

Competition Tips/What to Expect (PDF: 28pp., 2.68M) Updated November 2012