What do these errors mean & how can I fix them?

“FRC: The loop hat contains RobotDrive is not running fast enough. This error can occur if the loop contains too much code, or if one or more other loops are starving the RobotDrive loop.”

"Warning <Code>44002 occureed at Ping Results: link-GOOD, DS radio(.4)-bad, robot radio(.1)-bad, cRIO(.2)-GOOD, FMS-bad Driver Station

“Watchdog Expiration: System 1, User 0”

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Are you using the default code? What does your code look like? It sounds like you are getting stuck in a loop somewhere.

IMHO, well-architectured code should not have loops in Teleop or auto. Let Robot main handle the looping, and do all periodic things like setting motor outputs in periodic tasks. teleop and auto should be used for math, but not generic looping.

small loops that have a known end (a few iterations to calculate or something) are ok.

The first error normally means your Teleop vi is taking too long to execute. That can be due to long-running loops or explicit delays in Teleop, neither of which is a good idea. Or it can be due to another loop elsewhere (e.g. in Periodic Tasks) that is using up all the cRIO’s processing cycles, which can happen if you fail to throttle it with a Wait in the loop.

The second “error” is just to record what devices the Driver Station is able to detect on the network. The one you retyped does have an unusual feature: the D-Link router is not responding, but the cRIO is. That’s not supposed to happen. Are you perhaps patching your Driver Station computer directly to the cRIO using a single Ethernet cable? You really should never disconnect the cRIO from the D-Link.

The third error is something that happens often when the robot transitions from Autonomous to Teleop. If it only shows up once, with the System count as 1, it’s not a problem. If the System count starts increasing, that’s something you will need to look into.

In Teleop, I have 3 case structures. I have a flat sequence structure in one of my case structures.

I used two of the case structures to reduce the speed of motors. I used the flat sequence stucture to have a motor pivot an arm forward and backward.

Does the flat sequence stucture wihin the case structure produce the error that indicates an overflow of code?

It would be simpler if you just posted a screenshot of your code, or attached the vis themselves. (screenshots are generally easier to read)

flat stuctures need to complete completely (all frames) before the vi can continue. I advise against them, and prefer state machines using case structures.