What do these variables mean?


What are they for, and are they necessary?

Also, to save room can I take out all of the default code that I’m not using or does first have some weird thing about keeping it in?

Already answered elsewhere; I paraphrase:

packet_num = serial number put on this packet by the OI.

delta_t = number of packets not received correctly before this one (essentially current packet number minus that of the last correct packet, minus one).

res01 = reserved variable to do with version number of system; not usually used in competition.

You do not need to use any of these three variables. If you decide not to use them, comment out (or delete) the declaration for them in the '===declared variables=== section. Also, you need to change their Initialization constants to zero. For example, change “c_delta_t CON 1” to “c_delta_t CON 0”. This will keep the master controller from sending this to you in the serin command. Finally, you need to remove these variables from the serin command. Be VERY careful about getting the variables in the serin command in the correct order! Read the comments in the default code!

You can also delete almost any of the default code you want. In fact if you’re not using it you probably should delete it just to keep things clean. Obviously you must run your light, and I would keep the code for the feedback LED’s (modify it if you like though). I would not delete the comments, they don’t take up anything but screen space and they can be very helpful.