What do volunteers want?

3683 has team grocery bags and they are positively the most fire team swag I’ve ever seen. WHEW! we need more tote bags in FRC, stat!


A comfortable place to sit.


not everyone can be an lri

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But everyone can be a safety inspector which > LRI powerwise

Really? Is there something in the rules I missed somewhere?

Maybe if you’re measuring how much power they think they have…


I mean, this is about volunteer experience right?

At Beach Blitz last year, we gave out custom water bottles. They were not incredibly popular. This year, we’re doing sunglasses (hopefully they will be more popular!). wb

Out of the gifts I’ve received, I like the small sling backpack from the 2017 FIRST Championship. I use this as my carry on personal item when packing light. I also like the bracelet USB flash drive that was given to student ambassadors one year. I use it every time I JA an FLL event to transfer scores, etc.

Something like this, but with the FIRST logo.

As @EricH said, though, there’s nothing better than feeling valued, knowing your job description, and being given ample time to get food/bathroom breaks/etc.

The bad volunteer experiences I have had all have some things in common. The volunteers are not thanked by the VC, RD, or really anyone. They expect volunteers to work ridiculous hours (think 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM the day after a night that ended at 2:30 AM) with minimal breaks. There was limited communication before or during the event from the VC, RD, and leads of specific areas.

The best volunteer experiences I have had are exactly the opposite.

The most useful swag that I have received from a team was neoprene straps for holding on glasses, sunglasses or safety glasses that I got from Blarglefish.

Swag isn’t important at all for me.

Give me good food and abundant supply of Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper and I’m good to go.


Don’t need anything IMO. We really come to hang out with everyone anyway.


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