What do you do during autonomous mode?

What do you do during autonomous mode and how?
We (team 701) will drive forward extend our arm turn 90 degrees and drive back to grab the goal, the extended arm drops the 10pt ball then we drive back (w/ goal ) as far back as possible.

To do this we use IR wheel counters to measure distance and to calculate angle we use a gyro… to measure the angle of the arm we have potentiometer …

Our main automomous mode puts us under the drop off of the balls. We have others, however. :slight_smile:

hehe…you are already under the drop off of the balls … … I’m just kidding :wink:
can you catch the balls during autonomous or something? and what are the others…i’m just wondering… what people are able to do and how that is strategically

We had two modes (our regional is over and we can’t go to nationals):

  1. Push our goal under opponent’s ball drop off
  2. Block opponent from getting to their ball-tee

nothing as of right now :frowning: because we cannot figure out how to program it for dead recogning if anyone can help please contact me on aim or yahoo or msn thanks we could really use youre help please :]

We don’t think autonomous is very important this year, so the main autonomous mode we’ll use is to shove the movable goal into our opponent’s ball chute. We’re not going for the 10 point balls. (Speaking of which, have any of you seen any teams that knock off the balls in such a way that they can still be scored?)

we have four autonomous modes, but the one we used most was to raise our arm up a bit and use that to push the 10 point ball off and release all the balls on our side.

We rigged up our control system with four switches, so we can change our autonomous mode during the disabled period right up until the auto mode is activated, with up to 15 programs (7 one side, 8 the other, disabled) :smiley: .

Right now we only have a few implemented:

Hit our ball, stop
Hit both balls, pull around and get in position to grab 2x ball
Hit the goal, grab the 2x ball and push towards our opponents region

We’ll probably also have auto modes for blocking out their ball and doing various things with the goal.

State machines make programming these modes so darned easy! :slight_smile:

We have two modes:

  1. Full Forward

  2. Play Dead



We use a banner sensor to run forward until we see the center line, then we stop. This puts us in perfect postition to pick up the 2x. We plan to add to this for our next regional.

ThomasR … do you simply have no idea how to program it or are you having trouble with some code you have…
if its the first one… i suggest just using a timer and drive straight forward for X time …(line up the bot manually)
u can PM me and i can help u

btw 254: we look forward 2 seeing u at SJ (and Sac??? are u going) u have a swweeeet bot…we use it as our worst case scenario opponent :smiley: when strategizing

Yup, we are going to Sacramento next week. Getting anxious for some competition, though there’s still so much to program on our practice bot…

And thanks for the compliment :slight_smile:

Team 138’s bot, Hummer II, guns full forward until the first of 4 fixed IR sensors sees the IR beacon, then lifts up the arm, turns to face the beacon, and hits the ball… nothing after that…

We use the line following sensors to follow the line straight to the 10 point balls and knock them off. We have been able to do this very consistently and is one of the reasons we won the GM award. So far this is the only thing we are able to do, but we hope to add more modes and switches to do more during nationals.

We have 4 switches for a selection plus a left/right selector. all massless. :wink: Plus a double-pull we didn’t want for the dashboard jumper.

Blast! Twice as many programs as us! :cool:

Aren’t you running out of program space? I just ran out yesterday…and I only have four programs implemented (they run for both sides though).

We didn’t have time to finish making/mounting/programming our tracking sensors before shipping our robot. So our autonomous modes are just using ded. reckoning, applying power to the motors for specified amounts of time. They work great in testing, and performed well in our first two qualifying matches, knocking off the bonus ball in one, and barely missing it in the next because we were actually a little too close to it. Unfortunately, we were plagued by gremlins after that. A mysteriously missing motor fuse, a disconnected PWM cable, a bit of undercarriage apparently dragging on the carpet…all conspiring in turn to keep us from going in a straight line.

We’ve added wheel sensors to try to compensate for any drift, and the programming was ready to test by the end of the Great Lakes Regional. A bit of work in Chicago with a black marker on our wheels and it’ll be good to go.

What do you do during autonomous mode?

I pray it works…

Our regional is over (Orlando) but our auto ended up being go straight ahead. We didn’t get the IR sensors so that was out, and we couldn’t quite anticipate where the other bots would be. Because of all this, we ended up driving forward next to the 10pt balls.

Btw this is my first year here at First. Can’t wait to be the only programmer on 710 next year :confused:

Already am.