What do you do in the Off-Season?

Now that the season is officially over for all but 8 teams (Congrats!) what do you do? Our team is looking into robot upgrades for some Fall events, and some teaching for new members.

Wait for volunteer sign up for next season.

Just kidding, wait for volunteer sign up for off-season events.

Our district has an offseason competition, so we make changes to our robot and continue improving for that competition. We accept new students onto the team around this time of year, and train them over the summer as we improve on the robot, kind of showing them what’s going on. We often have many outreaches, showing off our outreach bots and past competition bots to people outside of the team as well… to try and lure them into FIRST and onto our team.

We run an FLL summer camp, do training, improve our robot for GRITS (offseason comp), and do BEST. Oh, and get slightly more sleep. :slight_smile:

In the summer we do our ‘babybots’ outreach at the Wade Edwards Learning Lab and in the fall we go to THOR (Thundering Heard Of Robots, offseason comp.)

The off season doesn’t start for me til November. I plan on going to 8 to 12 more events this year. My team will at least attend two of them.

Arizona FRC State Championship in October (so glad there is an off season event in state now). Try to get the team more serious about fundraising and hope the majority of my students don’t leave the state or country all summer like last year so that they can do that before September.

We submitted for a grant for upgrading an old base to be an outdoor demo platform, and are helping to start another FRC team for the first time within our District.

This is what 1619 does when you take away our robot.

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Actually though, we do summer camps and drop-in nights where we teach kids CAD, programming, machining, and a bunch of other stuff. We also show up at local festivals and STEM events to do demos.

I start theorizing about the games for next year, as well as outreach into the local community trying to get more students to join all 4 levels of FIRST!

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Definitely worth the wait, I can honestly say I’ve had my fair share of Heat Gun fun this season (Melting tape to make it stick better to our practice field carpet):smiley:

Currently working on a robot for iHeartMedia here in Arizona a nice sponsor gift, and then gonna be designing 3 chassis’ for our 6 FRC rookies we will be forming this offseason. Also starting the VRC season for our junior programs. Organizing our offseason event and helping AZ FIRST with the State Championship. IT NEVER STOPS!!!