What do you do on Kick Off.

OK. So you have 2 brave souls venturing to the wilds of Vermont to pick up the Kit and get the info of the new game. What does your team do while they are waiting.
Each year the majority of our team gathers at my house and we get on the web site. we also watch the opening on sattalite if it comes through. Plenty of nibbles and bits with “DEW” is on hand.
As soon as we know the main part of the game we start to stratagize and think of building ideas, is this how it is for you.

Our team is having a satellite feed of NASA TV hooked up at the school, where they’ll watch kick-off with some of the students from the University, and their parents, too, I think.

From there, they’ll separate for the afternoon, and we’ll have a general team meeting when Christina and I return from NH on Saturday night.

::poke:: Nick, not Vermont…New Hampshire…

Anyway, I’ll be up at Kickoff, working (again!)…maybe they’ll put me on “crowd control” again…though if you’ve met me I can’t really do much of that :wink:

This year we are lucky enough to host a remote kickoff which should be really fun…at the kickoff we will do all the normal things…but in years past we would watched the kickoff on the satellite feed, then we normally have a meeting that day or the next day.


a couple of people, including myself, will be going to the kickoff in K-Town to get the kits and see the field. Our main teacher and engineer will be going to the kickoff in Manchester. Then the rest of our team will be at our kickoff that we are having at the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library in downtown Indy. They will have at net connection/ sattelite feed (not sure which one) to show for anyone who wants to come.


If anyone in the Indy area wants to come to our live broadcast of the Kickoff in downtown Indy, let me know Email me and i will get you the details. We won’t have a field or any of the kit stuff, thats all in K-Town, but we will have the broadcast.

People might ask me (actually they already asked me), why on earth are you going to New Hampshire again for this kick off, if you aren’t part of any team, and live all they way across the country at California~?!?!

Well, for that question, I really have no answer, even with all the years of experience on the forum posting replies. I would’ve answered with “to see the playing field”, but there will be field parts here in San Jose. I would’ve replied with “to attend the workshops”, except all the great workshops seems to be located in Novi… I would’ve said “to meet all the great FIRST people”, but then most of the adults/coaches are going to remote kickoffs.

So, I really don’t know why I am going, except all I know is that the flight is 8am Thursday morning, and I have to be at the airport by 6am, and travel all day to get to New Hampshire by 8pm. I won’t know what to do after I get to the Manchester airport, nor do I have any plans as for where to stay for 3 nights and 4 morning.

To say I am a team representative, I am not really one, and I won’t be going to Dean’s house anyway. To say I am a volunteer, I am not certain about that neither, since no one ever replied after I sent in an e-mail asking to be one.

But I do know that by Saturday morning, I will be all excited and talkative again. :wink: Oh yeah, and I am hanging out with Anton and/or Jessica after the game.

Anyone interested to join us? After all, I rarely show up among the FIRST-a-holics over that side of the country. So, should I look forward to some sort of FIRST-a-holics gathering during the period between Thursday night and Sunday morning? Any suggestions for where I can stay?

Anyway, the future is unclear, and my destiny unknown, but somehow I am looking forward to all these…

find the nearest ginger and run away with it. duh??


Our team sends 2 people up to Manchester, NH via the Ethicon jet or they did last 2 years to my understanding. Meanwhile, the whole team is watching via satelitte or web link. After we get the game we have a design meeting and then the next day we build the arena (or most of it) and have a design meeting at night time. Then that whole next week or weeks depending on the building difficulty level we choose ( or how hard it is to put into real life from paper) we are usually at Ethicon building Monday- Thursday, Saturday and then we start all over again on Monday…Busy months to come…My boss is going to wonder where i went along with my parents lol

thats all for now

Brian Savitt

Before this year and the whole remote kickoff thing, our team sends 2 people to manchester, and the rest of us go to Indiana University Kokomo and watch the webcast on there T-1. Afterwards we usually have a short discussion on what we thought of the game so far, and some of us begin brainstorming ideas for what we want to accomplish during the 2 minutes…

yay for kickoff volunteers!! :slight_smile:

i’ll be volunteering @ kickoff once again… timmy and i will be heading up prolly thursday… who knows… kickin’ back in a hotel somewhere or wreeeeking havoc somewhere in Manchester :stuck_out_tongue:

any other college students that just aren’t cool enough for Dean’s house… where’s our party at?!

maybe i’ll be finding robby somewhere in NH too… he’s always great fun :slight_smile:

see y’all there.