What do you do with your game pins?

Hi everyone! I’m curious as to where people put their game/mentor pins each season? I’ve seen some teams put them on hats at competition, but what does your team do? :smiley:

I usually just leave them in the shop somewhere.

Mine are in a little box

I used to wear them on my team t-shirts, but they proved to not like staying upright on those very much.

They fit a lot nicer on volunteer badges now though. :wink:

I pin mine into a corkboard.

I put mine on my cap.

Mine are on a yellow hat. At least the previous years’ ones, current year often lands on the volunteer badge instead.

I tend to collect mine and put them on my FIRST St. Louis hat.

For a while on my old team it was tradition for certain members to wear the pins for games you were part of as a mentor or student on the collar of our team polos as a representation of how many years you’ve been with the team. I’m not sure if anyone on the team still does this.

I happen to like collecting pins so I ordered the 2016 pin and 2013 pin*. One of each go onto my signature camo hat while the rest sit with my collection. Pin collecting is just another hobby of mine.

*I did not participate in 2016 or 2013, I just like collecting pins.