What do you guys think a scouting form needs to have?

Here’s our first draft. We’ve been using the FRC simulator to see what we are missing and what is too complicated to watch for.

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Not sure what’s likely with the endgame but might be worth keeping buddy climbs in mind - carried? was carried? I also have no idea if there will be active balancing mechanisms, but that might be another thing to think of. What is MBH?

What will affect strategy is where a team shoots (protected, not protected, long, short) and also if teams can go under the wheel of fortune. Some of these can be hard to capture but could really pay off.

I really like how clean your layout is. I love the binary yes/no and what I assume is room for tally marks. Also the simple graphics to indicate the different goals are nice.


This is just their rough draft. and yeah they are wanting to do tally marks.

MBH = Maximum Ball Hold

Some of these data points can be determined through pit scouting. I love the idea of determined if they shot long, Protected, not protected…ect.

Buddy Climb in indication is a great idea as well.

I also do not see defense on this sheet yet.

They were very insistent on the graphic this year lol

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There are definitely active balancing mechanisms in play. We’ve come up with 2. We’ve discarded 1 as too weight intensive and too complicated. The other we are keeping in our back pocket just in case.

Here’s my problem though. How will a scout know if an active balancing mechanism was used in a match. There’s going to be a lot of swinging going on, and the use of the mechanism may be hard to see even if the robots aren’t swinging.

Instead of explicitly scouting active balancing mechanisms, you could also scout the amount of times a climbed robot is level - a robot with an active balancing mechanism would (hopefully) result in a leveled climb more often than a robot without one.

In any case, the benefit of an active balancing mechanism is that it’s easier to level the switch - if a robot consistently levels the switch in some other way, then they’d still be valuable.


We just got to class and asked to see the paper versions. We are reworking based on your suggestions.

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Blue1_Match_SSF1.pdf (29.5 KB)

This is our scouting sheet for Infinite Recharge. Our team is almost 50% neurodiverse and need a sheet to mimic the field as such as possible. We have found that using spread sheets are often too overwhelming. While we are working on a neurodiverse app that can be adapted to each year’s game, we will still rely on paper scouting. In addition, we have a member of the scouting subteam watch how drive teams on each alliance interact with each other in all situations.

Pit_SS_F4.pdf (37.4 KB)

This is our Pit Scouting Sheet. Only members of the actual scouting sub team or drive team completes pit scouting (all members of our team, regardless of sub team, are required to scout).

All of our sheets are optimized to gain the most information in the shortest amount of time. Last year I watched many teams struggle to complete scouting one match before another match began. Our sheets are designed to be completed within 30 seconds of the match ending.

We as a team understand that our scouting sheets may not work for other teams, but we have had great success with them. Not only do they make scouting easier for our nerodiverse students, they also allow us to use parents and grand parents as scout substitutes as needed. In addition, we freely share our sheets and methods with newer teams, and have gotten great results as well as developed great relationships! We are changing the culture of scouting one scouter and one team at a time.

Ive been struggling with this problem every year, most apps dont update their input fields or the app is too hard to use and understand. I would gladly pay a monthly fee to have a reliable and easy to use app that I know I can use every year.

Our team uses paper match scouting sheets. With 1 person per robot. We try and encourage scouters to make their own match strategies and pick lists based on what they see. We input all of our data from the paper into an Excel sheet right after the match and strategize from that. We have about 8-10 main scouters during competitions but we cycle them in and out. I’ll attach our paper match scouting sheet, pit scouting google form, and a screenshot of our excel file.

Just thought I would add my team’s method of scouting for others to see and hopefully critique and help.

Team 3130 Pit Scouting Form
2020ScoutingSheet v3 (PDF).pdf (825.5 KB)
Spreadsheet Screenshots.docx (407.5 KB)

I personally believe drive team skill and ability equal in importance to robot. Scouting third.

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thats valid. ill agree with you


Here’s my idea of a pit scouting form based on what I’m hoping to use/what my drivers ask for some of the time. I’m not sure if I should put anything in the Misc. area or just leave it blank for any comments?

Edit: The Goose is not a part of it, he’s just a buddy included in the screenshot

Totally agree here - good driving can’t be replicated or replaced.

It’s worth it to have some scale/notes for driver skill on any form.

An experienced driver can make a good bot great - an inexperienced driver can make a great bot good.

Yeah. Last year, our drive team was the best part of our robot competition wise. This year, we’ll have our primary driver (junior this year) and drive coach returning. We won many patches we probably shouldn’t have because of our drivers, coaches and strategists.

lol at Desktop Goose

More seriously - What’s MBH?

"Most Balls Held” I got the idea from @ForeShadow00 and their sheet!

We took that off the final sheet and put it in pit scouting. We figured it would be to hard to verify from the stands.

ScoutingSheet 2020.pdf (394.5 KB)

Edit: Just realized it was a pit scouting form you were referencing lol

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Yeah the sheet I put in is for pit scouting lol. I also figure it’ll be easier. I’ve also added if they can shoot high/low

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Or #G6 ?

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