What do you guys want. Giveaway/reward/prize discussion

Hi, I’m the additive and subtractive mfg. lead on team 6722 LED Robotics.

Our Team wants to offer a giveaway item printed on out Phrozen Transform SLA 3D printer.
The award is meant to be attracting and wanted by others to get our team known.

I am at a loss as to what to print, and no one on the team seems to have any ideas.
We will be competing at Orlando Regional as well as Northern Florida (Tallahassee)

I look forward to you ideas.

  • Team 6722, Eric
    LED’s as bright as you.

Logo keychains are fun


I think you should print tiny models of your team’s robot. That would be really cool.


So the big advantage of SLA/LCD resin printers over FDM is the detail and smoothness you can achieve. Flex on the FDM teams by printing out a really finely detailed model of something special to your team (a logo, a robot, a team pet, a mascot, a pun on your team name, etc).

Alternatively, you could go to sites like MyMiniFactory or Thingiverse and pick out a model that you think is cool and figure out some way to give it out.


If you have the ability, it would be insanely cool to incorporate Leds. Maybe even a small inexpensive programmable board.

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I really like this idea! It may even be as simple a a single 5mm LED and a tiny button cell battery that are positioned in a way such that setting the object down or flipping a small switch pushes one of the LED’s leads onto the button cell. Sort of the same principle used in those tiny finger lights that you can buy for really cheap.


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