What do you still have to do?

With that practice day a few days away for some regionals…

What does your team still need to do to the robot?

I know we will be spending this thursday wiring/mounting limit switches, mounting our team numbers, and doing some heavy modifications to the top of our gearbox, not to mention more of that dreaded autonomus…

not too much compared to last year, but how about you?

Make and mount the 4th side team number. Slot the shaft encoder mounts so they slide with the pillow blocks (oversight during build). Tension the chains. Check all fastener tightness and electrical connections. Make sure wiring is clear of chains. Make an attempt to clean up the wiring a little bit. Hopefully get the fisher price cooling fan running again (I’m not really sure why it stopped).

And of course, autonomous mode.

  1. Make sure it works
  2. Put numbers and sponsor stickers on the robot
  3. Put on the vision camera
  4. Zip tie the electronics
  5. Maybe drill some more speed holes
  6. Whatever else I can’t think of

We have to mount limit switches, Encoders, hook up encoders, remove encoders, work on autonomous, mount the final sheet of protecting lexan, and most likely other stuff I haven’t thought of but will invariably have to be done following the law that everyone calls Murphy’s law but is in fact Finneagal’s law. :smiley:

Pick up all the screws that enevitably loosen during shipping and put them back in they proper places.

Oh yeah, “signage”. Who needs it anyway.

The blinkers too but they give them out at the regionals.

Team Numbers, Sponsor Stickers, Cover the huge holes in our boom (dont want to lose any hands) autonomous testing, mount our new motherboard, make sure we didnt go overweight again…

Aside from preventive maintenance and mounting the LED modules, I don’t know of anything mechanical or electrical that needs to be done to our robot.

As for software, we need to download the working camera code that got finished the day after shipping. Then we need to type in the autonomous scripts and parameter sets that were developed after the fix-it window closed.

The team I am working with (1504) has quite a bit to do yet. We have to add on our smoked lexan casing, graphics, finish programming presets for our arm, modify the bottom gripper slightly, gear down the first stage arm more, and plain out have fun doing so. The down side is our one and only regional is West Michigan, so most teams will have there robots running very well by then.