What do you think? 612 climber prototype. Questions? ask!😊 Meme?

Yes sir! I have already been testing with this, if the bola must pull the weight of the entire rope it doesn’t work although with a riser arm to hold the slack inside the robot it works perfectly

How can you climb with this rope? I mean you’ll definitely need to attach another rope to the shooter but it’ll possibly be messed up with the shooter

His initial question was about R4. That would be the 12" outside Frame Perimeter rule.

If you miss, you have, by my guess, a 90% chance of being in violation of R4, which may bring a G18 Foul with it. But you’re trying to Hang… read the Blue Box and the rest of the G18 penalty for what you’re risking.

Also… Bolas could be classed as a weapon. Use extreme caution.

I’ve answered this question already, but thanks for the interest!

I understand this, but when the launcher fires upward it comes straight back down if missed, once it reaches the end of the Paracord of course. I do understand your concern though. And the bola is not classified as a weapon but a device with stored energy according to the manual, so the only big rule with stored energy is for there to be fail-safes to ensure there is not premature release.:+1:

Um… About that “not a weapon” bit:

I don’t know how the inspectors will call this for sure on your robot at your event(s), but I’d be making sure your failsafes have failsafes, due to G17 (and if you get hit while it’s accidentally deployed, there’s a non-zero chance it comes down off your robot to add insult to injury).

What about if you are not directly under the rung or if your robot is at an angle relative to the rung?

From the video it looks like the rope wraps neatly, but i think this will be an issue once adding the weight of your robot climbing

I answered this earlier, if the robot is angled, no problem, as for it’s position on the x y axis it has to be pretty good, you get half a foot of leeway.

Once the robot climbs the ropes suck in to each other entangling the system, and this example is without friction tape. But good call.

Yeah lol, but my view is just because something looks like a weapon doesn’t mean that’s it’s intent,. Classic bola has no rope connecting it to it’s user, and has no fail-safes. This is just a spin on 118’s grappling hook in 2016. Just a concept tho

Harpoons are generally classified as weapons too, but 1114 made them robot-safe enough to pass inspection in 2015 via similar fail-safes to the one you mentioned.



I love it, and want to see it with the winch! Its has a lot of potential!


Of course! I’ll have an update soon!

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